It’s YP Season #YPszn! Nicholas Ihua-Maduenyi, a.k.a PsychoYP dropped two hot new tracks this week that definitely lets you know, the kid is no joke. Losing You, an R&B track on a mid-tempo beat produced by Dez Wright is complemented perfectly by PsychoYP’s vocals. In the song, PsychoYP tries to appeal to his girl not to lose interest. This song should be spinning in clubs and on radios everywhere.

The second song, Black Card, produced by the gentlemen of 80sounds, is an R&B/dancehall track in which PsychoYP talks about keeping a girl with expensive taste.
Both songs have the repeat factor and clearly show that PsychoYP is leading the charge in cuffing season while showing his fans that he has the most versatile hip-hop/trap sound from Nigeria.

Enjoy both tunes by PsychoYP (@PsychoYP on instagram and twitter)
Losing You cover art by @rothevisualist
Black Card cover art by @hanan_buhari
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