The music industry and the listeners around Nigeria and the world are excitedly anticipating the 18th of May. Have you been in hiding, recovering from the horror that was the Avengers: Infinity War? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what’s happening on Friday. Friday is such a special day (we advocate for it to be a public holiday) because of what might just be the best EP of the year is dropping! Eri Ife and Rémy Baggins have proclaimed its ‘YLLW’ season.

You know here at Lucid Lemons you can’t just declare a season of one of the branches of our color without stopping to pay homage. Just kidding! Fascinated with the title YLLW and the thought of amazing music from two fire artists, Eri Ife and Rémy Baggins, we knew we had to know some more and with some Lucid magic, we bring you something special!


Urenmisan Solo-Edema popularly known as Rémy Baggins is a twenty- two year old master genius. He is someone who has defied the saying that as a jack of all trades can’t be a master of all. He has made music from different genres or rather given the world different views to his awesomeness in the form of Afropop, Trap, Funk, RnB and more! When he isn’t buried neck deep in music, he enjoys watching movies and reading comics.

Adedamola Akin-Onigbinde aka Eri Ife is also a twenty- two year old (Is 22 the age of awesomeness?) cross genre artist. He started with rap then evolved his sound to afro pop, RnB and soul, knowing that great artists keep evolving. He like Rémy is super in love with comics.



Eri saw the project (Eigengrau) Rémy released a year ago on the Twitter timeline and shot him a DM, like Rémy said in his song ‘Ride with You’

“If I hit you in the DMs, it doesn’t mean I want to smash.”

They got talking and performed together at the New Culture Festival and were inspired by each other’s sets. The idea for YLLW came from Eri in the iconic Whatsapp Screenshots

In collaboration with the other Yin of LL, Yinoluu, I would be giving you an exclusive review of the EP, YLLW!

For the purpose of clarity, I (Oyinkan Agboola) the most awesome Yin would be going by YINN while Yinoluu, the other Yin, would be going by YIN. Okay let’s get it!


YINN: Yin babe, it’s time to put together our Yin magic and yinview this EP

YIN: Oyinkan, we are public. We can’t do the Yin thing.

YINN: Fine, let’s review the EP then *insert multiple eye rolls*

YIN: Thank you. First track is ‘Yeah.’ You want to go first or should I?

YINN: I’m a generous queen so you go first.

YIN: Ugh, your mind! I stan!



YIN: The beat is smooth as fudge. I love the guitars on it. Eri and Rémy have a sonic chemistry, their voices blend so well. Not the biggest fan of some mixing elements on the hook. The vocal chops going on in the beat are a beat distracting but each verse is smooth… that Yoruba part is waves. I’m a sucker for sexy bass guitars so I love this.

YINN: Jaytrix was the one with the bass guitar. Lovely instrumentals to start off. I love the transition to Eri’s voice. Rémy’s rap is a bob and the lyrics are tight. It’s a song you find yourself nodding and singing along to without any conscious thought. You can also pull a mad shaku shaku to this in my opinion. I agree with Yinoluu on the matter of the mixing, it could definitely be better. What is your rating for this?

YIN: A definite 8/10

YINN: 8 also



YINN: The transition from Yeah to B’Ori Pe is so smooth, you wouldn’t even know that the songs have switched. Rémy’s lines about school and music are words every creative can relate to. The flow of Eri Ife in this song is beautiful. This is a song for Sunday mornings and Friday nights. I think the beat gets better towards the end. Yin?

YIN: Na you sabi this Sunday morning, Friday night vibes o! Lady Yin give them! Haha, alright let me get into this. Someone definitely has to give Rémy a songwriting award. I love his verse. The beat strikes me as a bit sparse and also crowded at the same time in some areas. It could also be the mix. It’s clean and clear but not full but as soon as the hook hits and we hear Rémy’s 808s, it fills out. Also Eri does the work in this song jeez, fire!

YINN: Oshey mister producer! Kill us with the details! Score?

YIN: This is a light 6-7

YINN: 7 here



YIN: It’s a nice break from what we had going on. Sonically very chill and relaxing. Spacey and airy as well. Lol, the end made me laugh for some reason.

YINN: It’s like you are in my head!

YIN: Aye, Yins are always synced innit?

YINN: Yup! Let me still talk sha. This is a nice change from the energy Eri and Rémy sent in the first two songs. As much as you can drive to this song, you can also get the wickedest whine to this. The ending will definitely have you smiling. Score this?

YIN: Another light 6- 7 for me

YINN: A strong 7 on my side.



YINN: From the moment I saw Bryan the Mensah on the track list, I was excited to hear this song. From the first ten seconds, you’re already feeling the vibe. As a Lagos babe, Rémy’s verse had me smiling real hard because he didn’t just mention places in Lagos that were common, he mentioned also places that true Lagosians would know. The vibe he has with Eri is so good! Bryan did so well with his part. You’re definitely getting high and dancing with your friends to this song!

YIN: Oh, this is my jam! This is a jam, a bop and a freaking vibe! Did I say a vibe? Once again, the guitars, Sir Bastien is a mystro wow. I want to hear this song everywhere. Smooth, simple, a pleasant listen. This is a very strong 9 from me.

YINN: I cannot say anything was wrong with this song. This one is just stingy with marks. Issa 10/10 for me!



YIN: I love the ‘feel good’ vibe of this song. It sounds bright and happy. The 808s hit hard. The strings and the instrumentation gives me a happy Kanye kind of vibe. The mix gets a bit crowded for me at the hook but all in all, it’s a fun titular track. Oyinkan, you can go now. You seem so excited to talk about this track.

YINN: I am! First off, they hit us again with that crazy good transition! Beautiful instrumentals on this and that first ‘YLLW’ had me screaming YASSS. Major 808s vibes. The lyrics definitely paint yellow images in your head; it’s such a sunshine song. It will definitely flood you with happiness. It also has a tinge of humor that would give you the feeling of lightness. I’d be so pissed if MTN doesn’t pay to use this song for all their adverts. This is that song that you have fun with! My favorite track. A definite HD, Naeto C 10/10!

YIN: Hahaha, look at you bursting with energy, this is a light 7-8 for me.



YIN: I really enjoy the project. It is thematically and sonically cohesive. Each song is written and arranged well, the production is interesting even though I have some problems with the mix in some places. The tracks flow nicely into one another and you can tell everyone involved took their time and put in a lot of effort. The guitars throughout the project make me so happy and the melodic 808s are becoming a Rémy staple. It’s a well crafted EP and I’ll give it a strong 7.

YINN: All these big big English sha. I think this is a beautiful project that should be played everywhere. The flow is completely amazing and the writing is astounding. It is so good to hear good sensible lyrics. There was definitely a mad vibration on the team to create this and I’m so thankful! There was a little problem with the mix but we forgive them for it. The effort put in can be seen. This EP should not be slept on and neither should it be pirated. I give it a 9. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!


You can pre-order YLLW through this link: https://itunes.apple.com/ng/album/yllw-ep/1384241935


Follow the team of the YLLW project on social media:

Eri Ife: @eriifemusic

Rémy Baggins: @remybaggins

Bryan the Mensah: @bryanthemensah

Sir Bastien: @sirbastienmusic

Jaytrix: @the_jaytrix or @jaytrix5

Eskor Umo: @Blackseidthedj

Lolu Olumideko: @OgaLagos

Ìbùkún: @artofibukun


Sorple: @Sheed_sorple

Waleola: @_walelola



Yinoluu is a writer, music producer and photographer amongst many other things. He makes waves with his unique musical sensibilities, and opens people’s eyes to new kinds of musical expressions and experiences. You can find him everywhere with the handle: @yinoluu

My handle on all social media is @lady_yinn.

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