I Wrote A Song For You – Rookie

I Wrote A Song For You – Rookie

We’re all about great works of Literature this month and musical pieces are proof that Literature extends beyond the borders of written works of Art. Some say Literature represents the culture and tradition or Language of people, I’m of the opinion that Literature is the language through which Man expresses himself. This language can be in form of written bodies of work or spoken words. It can also be a combination of written and spoken words which is usually Music. Literature is real and beyond superficial when an Artist creates a body of work from real life experience(s), also when an Artist’s Muse is real. Rookie’s Muse in ‘I Wrote A Song For You’ is living. We can tell from this dedication to the special thing they share that she surrounded him with an aura of peace and light when he found himself in a dark place. So he takes to expressing himself using words and sweet sounds.

On a psychedelic plane of wistful Keys and electronic Drums, he lets us into a dreamlike expository of what its like to fall hard. With emotion laden serene Bass vocals that eventually transition to smooth Falsetto, we can reach the depth of his emotions.

Rookie’s ‘I Wrote A Song For You’ has all the trappings of a very private Love Letter penned to one’s Lover with the sole aim of engaging the mind, heart and more primitive parts of the human psyche. It’s so real it almost feels like you’re listening to a secret which to be very honest is the goal of every Artist; to create a whole new realistic world outside our very own reality.

Rookie writes his lyrics, mixes and produces his own songs. He’s proof that Literature is not restricted to written and spoken words but a combination of both – Music. Listen to his latest release through the link below.

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