What We Wear AW18

What We Wear AW18

As an established style icon and ambassador at London Fashion Week Men’s, it is no surprise that Tinie Tempah’s brand, What We Wear, is one of the most anticipated shows on the schedule; despite it only being its third season.The rapper-turned-designer’s brand aims to channel “timeless British style” into the modern man’s wardrobe by modifying luxury sports and athleisure wear in a way that elevates its sophistication.

Looking at the evolution of Tempah’s designs, it is clear that he takes his cues from his own personal style, whilst keeping in mind what the modern man would actually like to wear on a regular basis. His take on minimalist styling sets him apart from other brand collections that may seem quite eccentric in comparison, but it is also what seems to be reeling audiences in.

The show started with “The Real World”, a short video that interviewed creatives from NYC and London talking about the struggle to achieve their dreams and ambitions against the reality of life. All of these people wear a uniform of some sort, which linked perfectly with the inspiration behind the collection – London’s workforce. Inspired by this, Tempah explored the idea of uniform and fused it with his signature athleisure look to create a modern take on workwear.

The entire show had an effortlessly cool atmosphere to it, which was reflected in the styling. Each outfit was simple, allowing the brand to play to its strengths through detail. It is the experimentation with fabric, colour, and especially tailoring that elevated each look from simple tracksuits, to stylish uniforms that are anything but uninteresting. Slim fit tracksuits tailored to streamline the silhouette, suits made of nylon that mirror sportswear, and using traditional uniform colours, such as black, navy, khaki and brown is how a perfect balance between classic uniformity and modern workwear was created. Going even further, WWW’s signature is stamped off through the integration of multiple fabrics on one garment and setting it against orange or yellow, which add pops of colour the rather neutral palette. Unsurprisingly, one of the stand out pieces was an entirely orange ensemble. It stands as a perfect example of Tempah’s attention to detail: the colour of the orange borders the thin line between bright enough to catch everyone’s attention, but not too bright that it overshadows the outfit. A gorgeous orange jumper a shade deeper and warmer, paired with the suit, softens the fluorescence of the primary colour.

At the opposite end of the colour spectrum, a brown tinted, dark green, slim fit fur suit with bright orange accents was the most interesting look on the runway. It is without a doubt a bold outfit, considering the fact that these are all things that you should be able to envision the modern man wearing, but it’s this element of risk that makes it attractive. With a poker face, reminiscent of well-seasoned designers, Tempah ambled the catwalk in a look that separates him from the collection. Still keeping to the theme of uniform, with the longline jacket, but raising the status to business man through his black pinstripe trousers.

Tinie Tempah continues to prove his worth as a designer, and his successful fusion of traditional and modern leaves us highly anticipating what is to come in the future.


Words by Lara Soluade


Header image courtesy of the Evening Standard

 Images courtesy of What We Wear


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