War EP – A Review

War EP – A Review

We all know Nonso Amadi and Odunsi caused a shockwave when they dropped this surprise bomb on us a while back. I kinda postponed listening to it for a few weeks after it dropped. I had been having a busy time and I wasn’t going to just have this project in my ears while I was doing something else. I knew I needed to have a free day to lie down, put my headphones on and swim in the wonderful sounds I knew the project would provide.

I’m usually careful not to hype things up in my mind. But considering the calibre of these artists, I didn’t let caution stop me. And these dudes did not disappoint.

The project kicks off with Ocean. Those chords immediately prepare you for the R&B vibe that is cemented when the drums jump in. Halfway into the first verse, I had already added the song to my ‘bedroom’ playlist. From the instrumentation to the poetic lyrics and the sweet melodies of both artistes, Ocean is soaked in sensual vibes.

Next up is Don’t which is my personal favourite. I can’t put my finger on why. Everything about this track has me in awe. I have to take my hat off to Nonso for the beat because wow. It is the perfect vessel for the emotion that the song exudes. And when those 808s come in, it’s like when someone shows you something you never knew you needed until they did. The vocal performances almost bring tears to my eyes, especially with the harmonies near the end of the song. To me, this song is practically perfect.

Don’t bleeds seamlessly into Stay which retains the R&B sensibility but has a harder edge with the instrumentality and the delivery of the verses. It’s a relatively short and is almost like a sort of interlude. Just as smoothly as it transitioned in from Don’t, it flows out into War. 

War is so beautiful. So many other words come to mind but ‘beautiful’ sums it up. Heartfelt, honest, smooth, gentle. It’s the kind of sound that Nonso is no stranger to. I absolutely loved hearing Odunsi come into this style and just own it so effortlessly. The switch up near the end (with the percussions) took me absolutely by surprise and just complete the song for me.

The whole project is a testament to my favourite thing about collaborations; two distinct talents merging to produce something that blends their individual strengths into a wholly original and engaging product. I wish the project was longer because I am curious as to what else they could have made together.

Just like Oliver Twist said, please sirs, I want some more.


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