The Lemon Curd x Korede.J

How did your journey as a photographer begin?

Korede.J: Hmm. As I recall, photography for me started as learning a skill in my year 9 as a school project. I already had two digital cameras but my parents acquired the DSLR camera for the assignment. I then put all my effort and energy into it because I fancied what I had started.

Did you intend on your childhood hobby became a passion as such? if so do you see it becoming a profession?

K.J: It wasn’t a childhood hobby per say. I didn’t initially think this hobby would develop into a profession however it’s what I’m now studying in the university currently

What are your plans for your future photography wise?

K.J: Well already I have a studio named “Alté Studios” In VI.
I’m also going to continue focusing on events photography, and I do videos as well.

So what was your experience at The Lemon Curd this year? How was it?

K.J: I think it was nicely set up .the initiative is fantastic. The best of its kind in Lagos so far. Working as well, connecting with other photographers was a good networking event for me.

What do you think can be done to better the experience?

K.J: More artists and more talents.
It’s not only about the music and dance. People want to showcase arts also people are in other parts of the country that would love to participate. This would then require a larger venue.

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The Traveller Series (UNO)

The Traveller (5)


Ever heard of Port Harcourt in Nigeria? 

What are your first thoughts? 

Black soot. Kidnappings. Tales of strife and stagnation. You rarely hear about the beauty of my Port Harcourt. 

She is beautiful. Picturesque if I might add, red roofs, abandoned colonial buildings, washed out brick walls, palm trees and the infamous meal of boli and fish. The stuff of dreams. My dream!

My Port Harcourt is the pulse and oil of Nigeria (pun intended). Finding creative minds here seems to be almost impossible, and that is not for the lack of but simply because of the migration most have had to go through to keep their heads above water. But we did it! We started The Journey of a Traveller – a creative series to highlight the beauty of this city as well as talents within through fashion and beautiful places.

The Journey of a Traveller (UNO). A collaborative shoot between Enefa, (@enefa_a) travel and documentary photographer) and House of ZETA model Tosin.



As she walked down the stairs of a thousand memories, she looks towards the blue skies hoping it had answers for the journey ahead.


She thinks of the life she had before, almost as if they lived at the top of the stairs. Her family, work, lover, everything seemed to blur out as she set out on this journey. She is scared of what it holds but uncertainty looks like the propelling force she desperately needs.

the-traveller the-traveller

To move or not to move. To stay and fight or find bliss in the lands unknown? Ever believed in your heart how you will definitely be happy anywhere but where you are currently? The windows as she looked out have always helped in the past. For her, in a building, the window was another portal to the world outside, another possibility on the life that lies ahead.


Brick wall, shattered ceilings and unhinged doors – they seem to be the order of her day. But as she takes in the scenery of what used to constitute her life, she becomes certain of the road less travelled is the road she must go on.


This marks the beginning of The Traveller.



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Embers of Bloom

Inspired by friendship and the fantasy of becoming someone else through fashion. The film is a visual experience of what finding your self could look like, a momentary realization and escape through emptiness, expressions and metaphors into something different, something that makes you bloom!
Shot in Lagos, Nigeria
“Let’s pretend no one else is here”
Soundtrack Collide by the amazing Mary Akpa from her latest EP ‘Unseen’
Director and Stylist: Daniel Obasi 
D.O. P : Dola Posh
Models : Daberechi Ukoha-Kalu and Ifeoma Nwobu 
Make up: Lauretta Orji
Hair: Austine Afaha
Editor: Robert Matuloko
Designers : Gozel green, Titi belo, FRUCHE, Gogoya
See link to video here
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“Insidia” a Latin word for deceit or treachery.

My piece captures the modern interpretation of emotions. Nowadays having feelings is considered as weak. As not having “balls” whereas the main purpose of us being human is our ability to feel. I have tried to capture these emotions in my best light and hope that people who view my work will also be able to feel the same emotions as I, because our emotions are truths, not deceit. –


by Aminu, a 17-year-old graphic artist and a photographer. Currently schooling in Babcock university a commercial graphic designer but I always make time for my personal projects.

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Masquerade Series

   –  I’m unapologetic-ally African
  This piece is about the black man and finding beauty within ourselves. As black people in today’s social media telling us what is beautiful and what is not, we are left to find our own beauty. In this piece, the model is almost naked and covered with white paint using African patterns. This is to symbolize that our beauty is not just physical but from the African within us.
Credits: Photography by: Jessica Nwabuike @iamafrique
Model: Omabuwa Dede @buwalegend
Body art by: @titanium_arts
Assisted by: @ririkayhhh
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Pith is a fashion house birthed from Africa based on timelines and identities of minds all over the world. The idea is to curate clothes of both aesthetic and artistic details which represent the distinctions and unique diversity of tastes, cultures, ideas and personalities in our world. An acute use of textiles, colours and creative outlines within every look made.
Dilly means remarkable.
It is an ongoing narrative exploring the  ongoing artistic revolution in Africa, enforcing a revamp and broadening the scope of what it means to be an artist in Africa.
A major influence on this revamp is the internet-age in Africa, conjuring a reorientation of mind and subsequently creating global growth, pushing the burgeoning industry and humanity forward.
It’s about the new generation, what their identity is, the uniqueness that comes in living in our era, taking the little things we stand for and bringing it to a platform using clothes.
It reflects a culture defined by self- expression and creative freedom. we want to do a lot more for ourselves, add value, inspire, you can see it through the music, food, art and fashion.
we are the remarkable ones; the minds that dream, the minds not trapped by identity, form or state.
– Dilly 1: Pith.
This the first mini-collection from Dilly.
It’s significant as our first attempt to create, to dream clothes and be birthed into a Fashion House curated from Nigeria, Africa.
The future of clothes from a young generation of Africans reaching to create their world represented in detail with aesthetics.
These are the foundations of the minds and age we want to garb.
Our skin is black so we use this as our first inspiration, our first color range of garment taste. In creating our vision to the world we want to first be expressed as ourselves within our form and environment. To create within our comfort zone, to share our art of clothes from the perspective of what we are as creative conscious Africans with high taste levels of craft. To display our raw form. The pieces where crafted with a break from the norm defying both gender and fashion views of Africans, we showcased a bold elegant woman of conscious taste and an ambitious heart and a confident man with a curious understanding of his world. We combine different pieces ranging our “rough cut trench”, to our “free flow pants” to create this abstractions.
Creative Director: Ojemen Cosmas Eromosele

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The argument of equality among genders has been a long dialectic, many trying to uncover the truth, oftentimes misinterpreting facts and bringing up new ideologies.

In my objective thought, there was and probably never will be anything such as equality among genders.
The inevitable is the question of whether due to women’s uniqueness and overwhelming purpose they have come to par with God’s premier creation; being man.
But you can’t fail to acknowledge the strength and immeasurable value women possess. The character, power, grace and beauty of a woman.
The question now is; should women be treated or regarded as inferior? Or should be assumed to be equal with men?
Funmilayo Ransome Kuti
The first woman to drive a car in Nigeria.
Being as the “Mother of Africa”, you can’t deny the strength found in a woman, an African Woman and her ability to invigorate.
These have been framed; as a call for an anti-sexist assessment.
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Get To Know Andikan + ColourSync

Colours could be characterised as a human visual perception. Have you ever wondered how the earth would be if it had no colour boring yeah? Very boring. Colours add life into everything even inanimate objects. Our eyes have the ability to distinguish different colours. Colours are so wonderful that it being splashed on different forms of objects is seen as art.

“Color is art Art is color and Art is life, so live on guys”  Andikan

Muse 1 – Emma (Instagram: bolshevikbabe)

Muse 2 – Aditya (Instagram : iadieeag)

Photographer – Oluwapelumi ‘Andikan’ Edwin

Quick chat with Oluwapelumi ‘Andikan’ Edwin, an upcoming Lagos and Dubai-based photographer.

Tomisin for LL: Hello! Tell us a little bit about you

Andikan: My name is Oluwapelumi ‘Andikan’ Edwin, I am 19 years old. My favourite food is Jollof rice gizdodo and chicken if you wanna make me happy get me that. I am still in school just waiting to be out so I can go all out on my photography.

LL: What’s with the name ‘Andikan’?

Andikan: It is gotten from my middle-name is Andikanabasi and that is the only way to let people know I’m Akwa-Ibom, repping my father’s land. It means ‘Victory of God’.

LL: What or who got you started in photography?

Andikan: I would say Picasa, loved playing with Picasa that year, and my mum just got a point and shoot camera for her business which I used more often than her until she bought my first semi-DSLR camera.

LL: How would you describe your style?

Andikan: To be very honest I am still discovering my style, but I’m trying to build a new style which has a little bit of urban and African vibes.

LL: What type of cameras do you shoot with?

Andikan: I shoot with a canon 700d and my phone sometimes, I’m looking for someone to bless my life with canon 5d. Anyone?

LL: What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such great imagery?

Andikan: Basically everything around me and my feelings, I give God the glory.

LL: What motivates you to continue taking pictures – economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

Andikan: Haha money and great vibes most definitely! I try to show that I’m a genius sometimes.

LL: If not a designer, I would have liked to be a psychologist studying the human interaction. What would you have been?

Andikan: Footballer, but not fit enough.

LL: Lol, I hear that! What has been your most memorable shoot and why?

Andikan: Hm the shoot for Bris B’s Fatima video-shoot due to the reasons behind the shoot and what happened before we actually got to shoot at the major location we were actually not allowed in that environment but we were ready to break rules.

LL: A photographer(s) who inspires you?

Andikan: Sunmi Smart-Cole, TY Bello, Rog Walker and Slick Jackson.

LL: What do you think of the photography industry in Nigeria at the moment and where do you see it in 5years from now?

Andikan: I feel it is getting better but not the best, but I hope to inspire many more photographers to be better so that we are the best soon enough.

LL: If someone said ‘How can I be the next Andikan?’ What would you say?

Andikan: Be you, that’s just the best being you, you might just be better than Andikan.

LL: Is there anybody or anything you would love to photograph?

Andikan: Asa and the location – Hong Kong! I LOVE her music so much!

LL: Thanks for your time, looking forward to all your upcoming work!


Our readers can find out more about you…

Twitter: andikan_

Instagram: andikan_

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‘Back Around’ – Thompson S. Ekong

Back Around is a visual series exploring the value of music, heritage and youthful culture.
The series is circled around Skepta performing at a music festival in his home country Nigeria.
The images curated in this series bring out emotions of a mind who’s had to pursue his dream away from home due to lack of structures. While away from home, he becomes an icon in another’s man land upon his return home the culture of new age Africa has grown, and limitations didn’t allow him to grow at home have been established for him to shine.
It’s profound as new age Africa takes shape, it’s a call to Africans all over, a pride raging across every African as we’re a global voice.

“Being here put me in a different state.
The atmosphere was unique, it felt like sounds of people who were happy of all they’ve accomplished.
Capturing these images were perfect reflections of the strength in our consciousness.
Africans everywhere have fought years of mistakes, we’ve undergone so much yet we still kept on going, kept on believing.
Our skins never seemed to fade away from history.
To the skins close to our outside, they couldn’t be more proud that home has begun to shine.
It’s been long coming, some called it out homecoming.
A time where we need not leave our boarders to seek dreams or joy.
Grown, we’ve grown enough to own our presence in the world.
History taking notes of our ethos.
The culture is is priceless, we are the profit.
These moments the kids of the future reunite with their heroes all happening in your environment, in your Africa, are prophecies to our New Age.

Thompson S. Ekong

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