For X…
From the surface I appear without a mercy…
The rope is loose, the knot is cool,  I’m sorry I apologize for all the bad things I do,  but as the sky is blue I know I’m the bad guy plus a villain too.
Time is great but space is weak, it’s a shame the world happened to break me too.
Every thing I do, I realize I’m not perfect I mean I’m human, take a peek and you’ll be afraid.. boo.

It’s unfair but not everyone can be a hero, nuff man are zeros. I’m a villain, it’s a title I didnt think I’d be needing but alas it appears it’s one I am embracing. I apologize for all the suffering, the fact is, reality is chaotic and all truths are revealing…

I am imperfect, i’m like superman but always with a target, no saviour complex, i’m reborn a spawn to burn all your hopes, dash your dreams and elope with your desires.

I am the rain that pours, washing away your longing, reminding you of the tears that will surely appear when your mind attempts a repair for I am true pain, I am a true.. despair

Hell on earth, angel white didn’t save Tony, so who am I to feign holy, when in reality I am like Dmx when he dropped that album with blood all over his…body.

I know it’s not a good look but the world is a mess, it might need a broom. I am a terror, I am napalm, I will make your world go dark, go… kaboom.


I guess it’s good to be the bad guy when there’s nothing at stake, they call me hero but I don’t see no… cape.
  • Penprince
    Posted at 19:21h, 21 June Reply

    Sounds like a verse from immortal technique. Nice reference

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