3V: Vernacular Vice & Virtue

3V: Vernacular Vice & Virtue

Asriel released his first mixtape and it’s awe-inspiring. 3V more than proves that Asriel is not an artist to underestimate at all.

Since the genesis of his career, Asriel has been consistently releasing tracks with, each release showing a steady growth of experience. One can hear the improvement when playing his discography from the start as he evidently becomes more and more comfortable in his sound.

On Wednesday the 30th of August, He released a riveting mixtape that has people talking. “3V: Vernacular Vice & Virtue” is a 16 track project of vehement lyricism laid over captivating beats, each track formulated different from the previous or following. It starts with a motivational intro that encapsulates the feelings any ambitious person would have towards chasing a dream. It then smoothly transitions to a love letter with JTRK to his pen game, followed by the banger “I get $$” featuring PsychoYP . The tape takes a turn to a space where Asriel expresses his uncertainty to the existence of a supreme being. Thereafter, in the span of three songs, he and long time friend TITG compose a love song, then falls for the woman in what appears to just be lust and afterwards, wakes up to realise the girl he ‘fell for’ is a thief who had finessed him. Subsequently, Asriel then brings up social issues such as the economic inequality of the African American and the plight of being held down by fake friends and a stereotypical African family. On 3Vs last two tracks, he finalises with a song of repentance and a remastered version of his first release “Strive” which coincidentally concludes the whole tape.

The conscious project laced with bangers like “Abeg Joor” and the infamous “Mary Jane” warrants that 3V is an impressive and solid tape

With the aid of its impactful features, 3V more than proves that Asriel is not an artist to underestimate at all.

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