Vannucci’s a fire out of Hungary

Vannucci’s a fire out of Hungary

A story of burning love.

“I was compelled to make a video for this song and try to translate its emotions and meaning into a visual form. I decided to direct this video alongside my lovely and talented German friend Sumera Syed whom I met in Debrecen through some Erasmus programs. We both have an enthusiasm for the visual art form and we are both in love with filmmaking so we saw this as an opportunity to learn more about the filmmaking process and also about our abilities.

In April 2017 I released my first EP ‘The Wild King’ and it was such a great experience to work on that project and also to learn more about the process of knitting together a body of work. This EP opened some doors for me, as a medical student in Debrecen it’s not easy finding time to rehearse and perform my music but I’ve had a few opportunities. I was able to perform at some comedy shows, trade fairs organized by the Nigerian community in Debrecen and to cap it all off I was honoured to be the opening act for my friend Dubem K at Sziget Festival 2017 alongside the Hungarian female artist Deeunderdog. April has been a month of firsts for me and now my first video will also be released in this month.

The Video follows Jessica, a university student and her boyfriend David, an amateur boxer and student through a day as they play around and have candid moments of affection. It was very important to us that we had a real mixed couple in the video because it would allow us to shoot really intimate scenes and have an honest representation of these moments also it is in its own way, a representation of my own love life which inspired the song. My co-director and I took care to allow them to create the intimacy on their own and we acted as wallflowers just watching and peering into their lives. The song Is about a burning love, in many ways love is like fire, it can warm you up, it can be a very intense feeling but just like a fire, it can also get you burnt and hurt. In the music, I try to navigate both sides of this spectrum with my partner. The sound of the track in many ways guided my melodies and the mood of the track, it was produced by David Sinka, an upcoming Hungarian producer from Budapest.

Shooting in Debrecen was also exciting as we got to go to places we never go even though we all live in the city. The experience was one we will never forget and we plan on shooting another video for my next unreleased song ‘MOMENTO’ as soon as possible. I plan to release more new music this year and if it all goes to plan my next EP which contains fresh and exciting new songs will be released by December.”






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