The Traveller Series (UNO)


The Traveller Series (UNO)


Ever heard of Port Harcourt in Nigeria? 

What are your first thoughts? 

Black soot. Kidnappings. Tales of strife and stagnation. You rarely hear about the beauty of my Port Harcourt. 

She is beautiful. Picturesque if I might add, red roofs, abandoned colonial buildings, washed out brick walls, palm trees and the infamous meal of boli and fish. The stuff of dreams. My dream!

My Port Harcourt is the pulse and oil of Nigeria (pun intended). Finding creative minds here seems to be almost impossible, and that is not for the lack of but simply because of the migration most have had to go through to keep their heads above water. But we did it! We started The Journey of a Traveller – a creative series to highlight the beauty of this city as well as talents within through fashion and beautiful places.

The Journey of a Traveller (UNO). A collaborative shoot between Enefa, (@enefa_a) travel and documentary photographer) and House of ZETA model Tosin.



As she walked down the stairs of a thousand memories, she looks towards the blue skies hoping it had answers for the journey ahead.


She thinks of the life she had before, almost as if they lived at the top of the stairs. Her family, work, lover, everything seemed to blur out as she set out on this journey. She is scared of what it holds but uncertainty looks like the propelling force she desperately needs.

the-traveller the-traveller

To move or not to move. To stay and fight or find bliss in the lands unknown? Ever believed in your heart how you will definitely be happy anywhere but where you are currently? The windows as she looked out have always helped in the past. For her, in a building, the window was another portal to the world outside, another possibility on the life that lies ahead.


Brick wall, shattered ceilings and unhinged doors – they seem to be the order of her day. But as she takes in the scenery of what used to constitute her life, she becomes certain of the road less travelled is the road she must go on.


This marks the beginning of The Traveller.



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