This Person & This Moment

This Person & This Moment

If flowers, eras & people can come and go
Then what is beauty?
Beauty is a fleeting thing
To be beautiful is an art
To be perfect is a blessing
But unfortunately, no one is perfect
All we have and are,
is our person and our moment
Our tastes good or bad only go so far
In our way of life
But what’s beautiful about moments
As life comes and goes
We move along with it
Like puppets, we are strung along
In this facade
we are all like the passing fancy
So I ask you what is perfect
To be able to do all and know all?
Or to be able to be all?
In this life, we are all targets
Those with and without the intention
End up becoming beautiful dolls
For the world to play adore
But I have no intention of becoming a precious doll
We should learn to limit our greed and ignorance
For we are all looking forward to our person
And our moment
In my first life
My head was made from straw
But as I moved up in the world
I cannot fathom why I wanted you
Clara McCartney
You have carried the fate of death since your birth
That body of yours is already unclean
I cannot forgive the fact that something like you exists
Freely in this world
And Barren
That is why I made it my person’s work to erase you
If I can get rid of the unclean
Get rid of the unwanted and the Barren
If I can get rid of it
Get rid of it all
Then maybe
Just maybe
At the end of your person
In your final moments
You will become a doll
A doll of beauty
A doll of lore
A doll meant for the world to adore

by Onibudo Damilola

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