The Listening Sessions: Episode 8

The Listening Sessions: Episode 8

Short and sweet is what we’ll call this episode! With only a handful of songs making the cut to our reviewer’s ears this week, discover gems of talent in this episode!

1. Bars About Nothing – Cam x Ayüü

T: I hadn’t heard of Cam before but boi, the way he rode the beat, the eloquence! When he said “Welcome to my house” I felt it, I really felt his vibe. Then Ayüü comes in with a dope flow and lyrics to crucify.

DZ: I love this beat man. I’m a bit unhappy with the mix on Cam’s verse but it’s a great song. Big props to Ayüü he really murdered this.

ST: Beautiful song but can rappers stop saying fa**ot.

Y: Wow okay, this song is actually beautiful. The only thing I don’t like is I think Cam’s vocals are a bit too deep.


2. GRM – Don Ozi

ST: This was cool but I didn’t understand the point.

SH: I don’t get it.

T: OKAY, the intro is a tad bit much, I didn’t really enjoy this beat but I can hear it mixed with other songs but like in a DJ mix.

DZ: This is dope. The beat is dope and my man has a good ear for sampling. He should look into DJ’ing.

Y: I quite liked it at the beginning but I think I got tired of listening halfway. If not for the samples from the prank video, I probably would have stopped listening sooner.


3. Suffocate – Ogranya

Y: I’ve always liked Ogranya’s voice, but I don’t think it was the best fit for this kind of song. Apart from that, I still like the song in its elements. Huge, huge fan of this beat, the 80s synths are beautiful. Ogranya writes beautifully, it’s just the voice on this. He usually does Brymo type slower stuff which takes full advantage of that rasp in his voice.

ST: This was wavy! Kinda had a dope 80s vibe to it.

DZ: Jable is amazing man. The boy is really talented and I wish the whole Nigeria could hear him. This song is beautiful and that beat wow. Love it.

SH: I love this a lot. Ogranya’s voice is so easy on the ears and he knows his craft really well so it’s really easy to sink into his music. I generally love his stuff and this just made me like him a lot more seeing that he could actually deliver with the whole old school disco vibe.

T: Sigh, the artwork could be better, but this dude can sing, I love the song. I had to follow him because I wanna hear a different kind of vibe from him too.


4. Drop It Lo – Kane

ST: Needed to be mixed way better. The rapping was alright, nothing special.

DZ: Somebody get this guy some studio time and a dope engineer because this is heat. The guy really impressed me. I really wish he got a better mix on this song, it’s a fave already. I’m really liking that artwork too 💕



Would You is a feel-good type of song, with a beat that will have you nodding from the onset. It’s more than just a man professing love for his girl. Bowale summons all the emotion his heart can muster and lays it all out on this song for his special someone. With every note hit, the tension heightens and the unapologetic sentiment can be felt. It’s simply mushy stuff. A song about love and trust; and trusting Bowale to serenade your ears is possibly one of the best choices you can make.”

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