The Listening Sessions: Episode 7

The Listening Sessions: Episode 7

1. OFTB – Brapurple ft Meeky & Apakan

ST: Only thing I really liked about this song was the hook. The rappers can’t really rap and they were struggling with their enunciation and I didn’t enjoy it if I’m honest, but whoever was on the hook did his damn thing!

Sh: I like the beat and the hook. Hook was really dope. But these rappers there’s a big issue there. I couldn’t even listen to what they were saying because of the way they sound.

Y: Does OFTB stand for Out oF The Blue? Like isn’t that OOTB? Anyway, I like the beat, and the hook banged (apart from that section that’s mixed weirdly to me) but the raps? What? I actually don’t even know what they’re talking about and I can’t hear the actual words. The artwork is rather uninspiring, like a cheaper Life of Pablo cover.

T: It was all about the hook for me. The art isn’t great either.

IR: It sounds like they’re rapping hard but I really couldn’t understand what they were saying. Nice beat though. The artwork looks authentic but it doesn’t really jump at me.

D: Artwork is horrible. The beat is mad, the mix is actually on point (except for the singing part) but these rappers…


2. Diplomatic Immunity Freestyle – SV

D: This is LIT!!The artwork is alright. Bars were simple and clean, he kept it cool, he didn’t disappoint. Very nice track.

IR: Good delivery with lyrics to match. I think the length of the song works in its favour.

Sh: I like the confidence in his delivery!

Y: This dude is consistent and good at what he does. He’s confident, delivers smoothly, the writing is smart.

ST: SV is mad confident and it shows in his delivery. The only problem with it was that it was mad short and it would have been a nice test of his lyrical ability to let it go longer but he went in still.

T: His delivery is always on point! I love the length too, gives just enough of his lyricism and he rides the beat so well, love it.


3. Directed by Tarantino – eké miller

Sh: Beat and mix so clean. His flow is dope too. Lyrics are smooth. It’s something I’d randomly jam. The artwork is dope too.

D: Yo this is hella dope!!! Who is this guy? This is the most professional track I’ve heard on this platform. I actually had to replay this, the mix is clean as well and this beat wooo! The guy is good.The artwork is dope too.

T: I just have to point out that I love that I actually hear his words, it’s a vibe. S/o to PH City!

ST: This pleasantly surprised me. He’s got a nice flow and rode the beat well. Shit is actually dope, can’t lie. I fuck with the beat too, it’s just a really clean, well-done track.

Y: I actually love this one. Everything about this is clean man, the beat, the flow, the lyrics, the mix… probably my favourite from the list this week.

IR: This is neat.


4. Hello Freestyle – Bowale

Y: This one disappointed me. I’ve been vibing to this beat by itself since Nonso dropped it on SoundCloud. Yeah, he can sing but he didn’t do much with it. A freestyle doesn’t mean you can’t give it a bit more effort. The artwork is representative of the song. The beat was its own thing and he kind of just stuck himself into it without really blending into it.

ST: Hmm this guy’s voice was shaky at times and that was off-putting. The mix could have also been cleaner. I wasn’t mad at it though, there’s potential here but the whole thing felt pretty flat.

ShProduction is dope. Lyrics aren’t strong but I guess the fact that he’s a singer (not a rapper) freestyling is a good enough excuse. I think he entered the beat well for most it though, was a to and fro trip for me.

D: Artwork is nice yo! This is dope, man did justice to this beat, had I not heard this beat before I’d probably rate it more. The mix was underdone. Nice vibe.

IR: The best thing about the song is the beat, it’s so rich. Don’t think it was done justice at all. But fair attempt.



5. Double – Bedford (prod. xTochi)

Y: This one isn’t too bad. Liking the beat but I feel like the sample is a bit too loud and it messes with his vocals in some places for me. The second verse lacks energy, but beyond that, there’s flow, he’s good.

IR: I love the hook a lot. Not crazy about the verses. The sample kind of distracts but I love the idea behind it.

DZ: Artwork doesn’t click. This is a vibe though. The guy rode this beat well, the lyrical content is poor but this is trap music, we’d actually be paying more attention to the beat (which is crazy btw) I fw this!!!

ST: Man can’t actually rap but the hook is catchy and that’s enough for it to bang in the right setting.

Sh: I don’t like the sample in the beat and the fact that it goes through the whole song, it’s noisy and gave me a headache. Struggling to actually pay attention to the guy but I like the hook. The flow on the verses were good too.


6. She Right – Inver$e feat. OG Caesar & YNGJAI

ST: This thing had some corny bars. The hook was pretty hard though but it was a rough listen.

DZ: Not really feeling this artwork. These guys can rap can’t lie but ELOQUENCE!! The hook is crazy but the mix didn’t highlight that. It was only corny because their deliveries were so dead.

Y: This was hard to get through. The beat is decent but what was going on? “Eyyyyyyy”… corny lines, flow was okay in some places but altogether, I’d probably not listen again.


7. Love Like This – Trill feat Tonero & Rilwan

ST: This song is actually nice but I got a lot of Odunsi vibes from the second guy, I just found it interesting. The song was smooth though, I fuck with it.

Y: I really like this song…the hook is so sweet, had me singing along by the second time. The beat is smooth and laid back, the whole track goes over nicely. Going to keep listening to this.

Sh: I absolutely love this. I wish there was less repetition from Rilwan. Tonero’s voice was shaky in some places but it’s all in the vibe was still really good.

DZ: FUH-CKIN JAM!! Quote me anywhere. Tonero is THAT GUY!! The only thing about this is the 2nd guy, he did not put any effort into that verse. But this is a jam regardless shout out to Trill for this track he really went all out.

IR: It’s a good song overall. Does everything well in my ears. But not crazy about it since I’ve heard many variations of it before. Still good.

T: I absolutely love this song, I’ve been playing it over and over again since it dropped. Tonero absolutely killed this!! I agree the second guy didn’t do this enough justice, but overall, Trill did a brilliant job.


8. Lies – RU.BY ft Ayoti

ST: I fuck with this because it sounded different, she wasn’t afraid to experiment. The singing was offkey at times but I appreciate the risk. I’d like to hear what she’d do working with a producer that can help her compose her songs more tightly.

DZ: Like the artwork. This track is laid back, but it’s not doing anything for me. If she’s a singer, why is she using so much autotune? Even when she was rapping (which wasn’t bad btw), she has mad potential but this song is not it. I want to hear or other stuff from her.

T: I actually like this. I think she needs to work on her vocals but I love an artist that is willing to experiment and try new sounds so I appreciate getting to listen to this tune.

Sh: I would’ve really liked this if not for the so many offkey parts. Cos I like that it’s a different vibe. Delivery could’ve really been way better too, I get the vibe she was trying to put out but it all didn’t come together strong. But *sigh* offkey thing really got to me.

Y: I really wanted to like this. I love the concept and the vibe I think it was going for but the execution let it down quite a bit. I don’t think the production really helped the concept. The beat and the mix let down some interesting vocals. Singing could use some strengthening as well. The standout for me though was the second verse; that whole spoken-word rapping style, that was really quite interesting and I would love to hear her do that over a more cohesive beat and mixed well.

IR: This was very interesting and a breath of fresh air. Loved the idea but not fully sold by the execution yet. Going to look for her other songs.


9. Oye Mi – Akin Brown

DZ: Everything about this was cliché to me. This mix wasn’t too encouraging as well. I wasn’t really feeling this till those backups and harmonies came in. This guy is fantastic. He’s captured me at that. Hope he prospers.

ST: When this track really opened up and the harmonies hit, shit was BEAUTIFUL gaddamn! I loved that. Straightforward, well-executed music.

IR: Wow, I love how smooth and peaceful this is. Set me up for a much needed early night.

Y: All I would change in this song is some elements in the mix. It opened up beautifully and is just sweet sweet music. I’m lowkey going to contact this guy because wow! The writing, the harmonizing!



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