The Listening Sessions: Episode 6

The Listening Sessions: Episode 6

50 songs have been discovered so far, and our top 10 discoveries chart list is hotttt!

1. SUSHI – Osayuki

D: The artwork is cool, the song is nice but not something I’d actively listen to. This is something American trapsters would like. The aim of tracks like this is to have a catchy chorus but he failed, it was just too repetitive.

T: Osayuki has submitted a song before, which is even in our top 10 but this song for me is not really my taste and it was rather repetitive. I liked the beat, it needed a few more elements and variation.

Y: It’s decent. Nothing is particularly bad about it but it just passes by…

ST: Artwork is icy! I love trap but this was mad boring, it just got repetitive and there was no charisma in the delivery that would make me like it despite the repetition.

IR: It’s not something I will listen to again, but it’s not terrible. Just didn’t find it interesting.


2. Bad – Reespect Raps

Y: There’s flow. The beat is okay. But I can’t really hear. I can hear potential though and I’ve heard a bit about her too so I’m gonna keep an eye on the progress.

D: I do not understand most of what the artist is saying. Nice beat, but the song matches the title and not in the way the artist thinks.

IR: I really like the beat. The first verse was mostly good, mainly because of the switch up in the last quarter of the verse, I like the different flow in the second verse. I got bored after that, but it’s a decent attempt at what it wants to be. Summary, she has nice flows but the actual content needs work. Not sure what she said half the time.

ST: I think it’s dope hearing a Nigerian female rapper but the enunciation was all over the place. She can flow and the beat is nice. Didn’t like the song but she has potential. Maybe if she did something with her native language.



3. Gidi Wave – Dotche (Prod. by Og Benzinho)

ST: I think it’s a pretty chill song. It’s good but not great? I don’t think it’ll stick with me past this but it’s alright.

D: Artwork is effortless, and I mean they didn’t try. I’ve actually had this on replay, it’s very laid back actually makes me think of Lagos. Good song.

T: Yeah I like this, it’s the kind of thing I can imagine driving in Lagos too. It’s an interesting vibe, but after a while I got bored.

Y: Yaaaaay I like this. Would make it to my driving playlist because it’s a nice vibe. Well mixed, good production. This is good.

IR: I think it’s a decent song. It’s nice to hear words in songs every now and then (hehe). Yeah, it’s cool. Won’t skip it but won’t play it either.

AD: This is my favourite so far. Something you can really vibe to. Windows down on Lekki Ikoyi bridge with a cold drink type vibe.


4. Moment With You – DDT ft. Lollie

D: Artwork is nice. I love the beat and the singer but I wish these people would actually consider getting good mixes. The song was good till the rapper came in, his delivery is very lazy, some very basic nursery rhymes. He has potential but needs to step up.

ST: The artwork is basically a copy of G.O.O.D Music in 2010. The song is alright but again I don’t think it’ll stick with me. The rapper had a lazy delivery and not in a mad way. A better mix would have helped.

AD: The rap wasn’t great. Feel like the whole track could’ve been mixed better. Love the direction.

IR: This beat is fire. Love how the female voice kicks off the song. The rapper didn’t hit at all. The whole thing should have at least been mixed better.

T: I think the singer has so much potential, but the mixing really did not allow her to shine. I don’t like the rapper’s delivery, it didn’t flow and even the lyrics were just not on it.

Y: That entered so nicely! Once again, the mix isn’t as clear as I would have hoped. The hook vocals are amazing. Not the biggest fan of the verse. Uh oh, the rap… hmm, Nah. Very basic.


5. Dungeons – Malik (Prod. Vzline)

D: This whole thing is icy af! The boy is good. The song is catchy as hell, definitely a fave. Hate that it’s short. I’ve even just rinsed his SoundCloud page.

Y: This is smooth. I know people that would love this. The length worked because it would have gotten repetitive if it was longer. Gonna look him up because I love this!

T: I can’t think of who this reminds me of, and that’s really going to bug me. Nevertheless, I think this is dope af, I can actually hear his words and he rode this beat. I think the repetitiveness in this actually works and those backing vocals are too great! Definitely adding to my playlist and loving the artwork too.

IR: Found the bass overbearing, should have been slightly reduced in my opinion. The background voice towards the end adds nice character to the song. There’s potential here for sure.

AD: New favourite. Straight fire, I’ll be following his soundcloud.

ST: I thought this was pretty dope. I was glad it was short because of repetition. It had a really cloudy vibe to it, and that  I fcked with.


6. Throw Your Love Away – Saeed

T: This song has potential. The guy was working the vocals on this, he can sing but maybe needs to mature his sound a bit more. I don’t like the content/lyrics of this song if I’m honest, I’m not sure how it makes sense.

ST: The best part of this song was the beat for me. The artist needs to work on his vocals, they didn’t always work throughout the song. The song itself seemed kind of generic but again there’s some potential here.

D: Nice artwork. Generic afro sound, I like it tho. I liked the rapping, the song is well structured, but it doesn’t sound like something I’d have on rotation.

AD: I like this. Whoever made the beat is hard. Sounds like the artist hasn’t made many track but has a future.

Y: This is not bad at all. I like his voice and his delivery is good. I don’t like the kick and it’s ruining it for me because I can’t help but be fixated on it.


7. Love Who You Are – Mimi Elsa

D: Artwork could use work. I played this song earlier and hoped I’d like it on the 2nd listen but it doesn’t click. The chorus sounds like Taylor Swift in Afrobeats which does not gel at all. The second guy was okay but in all this song doesn’t do it for me.

IR: Only becomes bearable when the featured artist comes on. The lady’s vocals…not so great.

T: I think if they stripped this song down then it will sound a lot better, and the message of the song is really awesome. She kind of sounds like that girl that sang “Uncle Obama I like the taste of your banana…

S: This song is very noisy, it felt like a mishmash of concepts that never came together.

Y: I like the concept and some of the lyrics. Oh, she’s Ghanaian? Interesting. Something about the way it’s written and sung reminds me of the songs in the Barbie movies (🤫). But the beat and everything together? It’s like yam and jam or corn flakes and stew great ideas separately that just don’t work together.


8. Juicebox – Begho (Prod. Osayuki)

T: Another short one, but I kind of like it, even though I’m not really into the rapper. He did flow well on this beat but I don’t know, something didn’t sound great.

Y: Loving the beat. The 808s are a bit off for me. As for the rapping, he sounds like has a dope flow. I can’t really hear the words too well because the mix isn’t that clear. It’s really short but it’s okay. It’s decent.

D: Man this beat is nice and the artist rode it well but because of his elocution and mixing, it destroyed it for me. The artwork was clearly made for ants, the text is way too small to read.

IR: The sample though. I don’t think the sweet beat was done justice. The flow was good but lyrics? Nice song in general though.

ST: Flow was dope but I wish his lyrics came through clearer. I’d like to hear him on other stuff, I’m not mad at it.


9.  Boyz – VvadaA

D: Had she mixed it well or made an effort to isolate the vocals he might’ve had something on his hands. Just juxtaposed two beats together, and that transition, in the end, was horrible.

T: This is interesting and experimental. I think it was a bit messy especially at the end but the concept is cool still.

IR: I enjoyed this fusion. I wish this didn’t sound as muffled as it does. It needs to be mixed better.

ST: Can’t lie I fcked with it. It was messy and kind of brash but I still liked it.


10. Oliver – Reggie ft Tena Tenpo

IR: I think this is a jam! Found it a bit long though. The artwork is dope too.

T: Although this is not my taste at all, I can fully hear this is a Nigerian club and I will fully dance to this. I’m not sure about the first rapper but a vibe issa vibe and I’m adding it to my getting ready playlist.

D: Nice artwork. The Afro-heads might dig this, especially Ghanaians. The chorus is catchy and would probably be a banger if they had a better mix and multiple solicited radio plays on top radio stations. Me personally I don’t like it.

AD: This person needs to push this heavy in Ghana and do dance videos.


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