The Listening Sessions: Episode 5

The Listening Sessions: Episode 5

Today’s episode is jam-packed, with a bonus of a playlist featuring our top 10 favourite songs discovered through the listening sessions, we’ll also give you guys a chance to vote for your favourites.

1. Fan Of Myself TeeJay Ft IMTJ

P: I love the fact that he sampled the Josh2funny video for the intro and outro, mainly because I’m a huge Josh2Funny fan and I’ve watched all his videos. I also like how he linked the sample in the intro with the chorus as well, very smart. But I think as the first verse started, he just missed the plot and I don’t really understand what was going on with the production. Song started out with great potential and didn’t really live up to it for me, lyrics very basic and cliche, his flow not the best and it seemed like he tried to do too much on the song and it didn’t quite work out. The featured guy sounded a bit like a Vic O-plus when he was singing, but he came through with the rap. Shoutouts at the end…really who still does that? The best part of this whole song for me was the two samples he put in the song.

ST: The first rapper – no flow, no rhyme scheme, no bars. The second guy was okay.

D: Artwork is lit af, but what is this track? It’s horribly mixed, the first guy’s bars are just bad. The second guy, I know he can rap very well, and his verse is actually mad.

IR: This leaves a lot to be desired. I found the auto-tuned ad-libs annoying. Lyrics and delivery were slightly below average at best.


2. Trouble – Nuga

T: I liked this one, I think the artist has that Afrobeats-type vibe. Afro-centric. The lyrics were okay.

Y: Bias Alert! Nuga is my friend and I get to watch him work. I like his sound and his vibe. And I really like this song. I love that he produces for himself because he has this mellow afrobeat infused vibe that he then rides well. I like the mixing, the Yoruba, and the hook.

IR: This has a really nice vibe. Had my attention from the first few seconds and carried for 2 minutes before it got repetitive. A decent song overall.

P: Fela vibes, I like it. The song is actually dope, lyrics very relatable and accurate but there were certain parts of the song where there was too much echo for my liking and it affected how much I enjoyed the song overall. I liked it but couldn’t listen to entire thing because it got annoying at some point. The artwork is decent.

D: Artwork is okay but no details. The beat is nice but drums are amateurish. This song isn’t bad. I don’t mind vibing to this on my ones. Songwriting. 😖 Not a bad song still.

ST: This song was alright but I didn’t click with it. It felt really repetitive at times but the vibe was decent and I did like some parts where his flow was tight. I think there’s potential.


3. Catch a Vibe – Buju

Y: Quite liked this. The beat was simple and worked. That one main synth gets a bit annoying at times, but I like his voice. Some beautiful notes but the mix let his voice down a bit as it didn’t let his vocals stand out enough but I’ve actually added this to my own listening playlist. I enjoyed it.

T: I think this song is a vibe, and this artwork is dope. A slow whine jam.🔥 There’s a bit in there I don’t like, where he’s saying something weird. I probably won’t play the song all the way through every time but I can hear it mixed well into one of my get ready playlist.

ST: The mix on this was grating for me but this was definitely one of the better songs this week. Had a pretty nice summery vibe to it. I enjoyed it, just wish it was mixed better so it doesn’t feel like his voice is fighting with the beat at times.

P: Artwork didn’t really do it for me, the font is particularly ugly. I really enjoyed the beat (even though it wasn’t mixed properly), a decent attempt at a slow Reggae vibe, it was pretty dope. There’s definitely potential, he just needs to continue exploring himself and work to get master his sound. Didn’t like it enough to listen to the end.

IR: I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to catch a vibe from this. The mixing was ok. He does sound like he has potential in this genre. The lyrics are ok I guess.

Y: Yooooo this is a tune! The artwork is ok and the track’s not mixed well but it’s pretty decent. I fw this, could damage backsides to this inside club.


4. Dear Lover – Acekidd

ST: I was impressed that it was so short and still so disappointing. His voice isn’t it. Lyrics weren’t it either.

IR: I like the idea of the song. I find the beat nice and simple too, shame he didn’t utilise it properly. He should work on his lyrics.

D: Artwork concept makes mad sense, but this song is lazy.

Y: The beat is flaccid. The voice is flaccid. The auto-tune highlights are just flaccid. I’m happy it’s short but short and flaccid is never good.


5. Kai Kai – Efi Cruise

D: Nice artwork. Not bad, not bad, the beat could be better. It’s an okay song.

IR: I like the sound and the content but I found the song a bit too long. I think there was some sort of disparity between the vocal tone and the beat.

T: I think this guy has a good voice. The beat needed more of the work and I have no clue what Kai Kai is. I don’t like the artwork but in some light, it has an authentic look.

P: First off, I’m feeling the artwork. High expectations when the song started because it is a very different/interesting sound from most songs I’ve heard in a while. Just the thought of making a song about Kai Kai, not even Hennessy or Champagne or Moet, the thought is hella creative and the fact that he says “It puts that gospel in my eyes”.. hilarious,😂😂😂 I love it. Everything was going very cool and smooth and I was really enjoying the flow and the guy’s voice and like halfway through the middle, it’s like he got a bit lazy and just wanted to fill up the bars- “I’m loving you dimples… dance Azonto… dance Alingo… Are you single?”. Lyrics a bit cliche and hella predictable, but generally an okay song. A bit too long though.

Kai Kai (or Ogogoro) is like a very local form of alcohol, I guess it’s like gin.


6. Deserve – Azizz

P: Artwork decent. Start of the song sort of reminded me of Bryson Tiller. I actually kind of liked this at the start, it sounded okay, lyrics a bit cliché but the whole song flowed nicely and from 1:50, the plot was just lost and I was just disappointed.

Y: Bryson Tiller-lite. The singing has some room for growth but I like the idea. That RnB trap-soul thing was there. “All he does is lie and he cums much quicker”…decent attempt to me. I’ll give this guy props, it’s a bit better than decent. It’s a hard style to get right and I think he hit more than he missed.

IR: Why does the beat sound so muffled?? Lyrics were okay, he killed me with “all he does is lie and cum much quicker” lmao. An ok song in general.

ST: I want to take this guy and introduce him to some producers and writers. He reminds me of Bryson as well funny enough. It was kind of cliché with the whole trap RnB thing but it was aight.

T: So when this one started I actually had high expectations, sounded like one of them Bryson/DVSN type R’n’B, it kind of progressively went downhill to me.

D: Artwork is clean. YES YES YES!!! I’m a sucker for R&B tunes and this one is pretty good. This nigga has a sound. I need to hit him up 😭 I love this but he needs to clean up those vocals. I love this.


7. 22 – Eazy Bob Wizzy

ST: ENUNCIATE! I didn’t really enjoy this at all. The rapping was clumsy, and when it ended the rest of the song felt like punishment. The outro was unnecessary.

T: The song is too long, and it’s like a diary. He’s really telling us about his girl too, cute.

Y: My favourite thing is the growth of the beat, how it kept climbing until it got to the climax at 22. The writing is okay. Delivery needs a bit of work and it went off beat a few times, some of the extra vocals were poorly mixed, some words didn’t come out right and sounded quite clumsy. But the beat appeals to all my instrumental sensibilities so that’s my favourite thing about it.

P: He’s an okay rapper, some of the rhymes were a bit off, but I felt he was trying too hard, it didn’t seem natural at all. His vocals were so exaggerated and too loud, I didn’t even notice the beat until like 1:30. It’s not the worst song, just think he should try to be more natural and actually enjoy himself. The singing part I didn’t like at all.

IR: Finishing this song was stressful. It didn’t do it for me at all. I found the lyrics fairly corny, but he’s not the worst rapper I’ve ever heard. Should work on his lyrics & delivery.


8. Shout Out – Jahblend

P: I usually vibe with Jahblend’s songs but there were too many repetitions and it kind of made it annoying. But there were some parts I really enjoyed.

T: I enjoyed this! This is like mainstream naij party jam, which is not a bad thing.

Y: Not bad at all. I really like the delivery. I think his voice works so well for his style. I wish the beat gave me a bit more and the mix too. But yes, this is quite nice.

ST: Pretty straightforward Nigerian party song. Too repetitive for my personal taste but I’m sure people could fcck with it on a night out.

D: I like the artwork. This is giving ’09 Jesse Jagz vibes, that being said this song sounds dated but tbh it’s still a jam. I like it, would deffs bump this occasionally.

IR: This was an okay listen. Won’t be mad if this came on at a party.


9. Finito – Zarion Uti ft. AYLØ

Y: This beat is so beautiful. 😍 Gosh. On my first listen, that’s really all I could listen to. Zarion’s voice is so light and beautiful as well. I wish the mix was cleaner, AYLØ’s part sounded a bit muddy. This song is proof that even typical lyrics can be elevated by the context i.e delivery and beat.

T: First of all, I’m more than glad they changed the artwork. Zarion really really makes me love him more every time I stumble on something new from him. AYLØ killed his bit as expected, but it’s nothing new on this one. Pretty decent song.

IR: A good ass intro. I really like the beat and the hook, that carried the song for me. AYLØ’s bit was a nice addition, I wish it was a bit longer and clearer. A nice song in general.

ST: I wish I liked this song more. AYLØ is one of my favourite artists period, but I wish I could have heard his verse better. Zarion was alright, the song just didn’t stand out to me.

D: Love the artwork. This song is such a jam. Shoutout Veen on production. Loved AYLØ’s verse. Zarion is a star, I wanna see him blow. Love the song in all

P: The verse seemed a bit mumbled through to me, didn’t really understand what was said, so I’m not sure what the song is really about. The beat has great potential, but it wasn’t really done justice to.


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