The Listening Sessions: Episode 4

The Listening Sessions: Episode 4

No be beans o! The feedback has been outstanding, our inbox is full of the dopest music coming out of Nigeria and beyond and the responses have motivated us to continue sharing new music with you all. We have decided to drop a playlist of our favourite 10 songs from the previous episodes, alongside Episode 5 next week! We will continue to provide a platform for upcoming artists and do our bit in giving good feedback and sharing your music with as many people as we can. So here we go with Episode 4!


1. DRIP – Osayuki feat. King Brandon

P: The intro reminded me of some Disney/fairytale movie, wasn’t really expecting what came next at all but the transition was smooth. Love how the violins continued in the background, made the whole thing more enjoyable to listen to. Although, I feel there were some productions issues here because the base is a bit too loud and kind of overshadows the main rapper. The chorus is really catchy and I certainly see a lot of people fucking with this! The person featured bodied the song though, his whole flow, everything was just dope, low-key felt he stole the whole song!

T: I love, love, love the beat. I can only think of feminine adjectives to describe it, “pretty” for a trap beat. I hear Lil Uzi influences, especially in the first rapper’s flow & verse but I really rate the second rapper too. I will have this on repeat!

ST: Artwork is fire! The song was actually dope. I loved the beat and the featured rapper. Shit was real smooth, something I could see myself chilling to.

Y: I love the orchestral thing that acts as the backbone for the beat. Intro was really interesting. I wish there was a tiny bit of variation in the strings but I love it still. The rap is dope, maybe a few mix issues I can’t put my finger on. The second rapper bodied the track, the hook is catchy and the artwork is lit too. Definitely a good one!

GB: Digging the dreamy orchestral sample against dirty trap drums. The bounce in the rap is A1, especially the niche bars. The second guy killed it for sure.

Sh: The strings in the background gave the whole thing a grand feel. Chorus is catchy, especially with the first guy’s voice. It’s a good song, could’ve been better too.

IR: I really love how the song starts, and the general beat of the song. The featured rapper ate it up though. I wish the bass was turned out just a bit though, that would have made it near perfect.


2. For The Weekend – Olajuwon feat. DertyDee and Cheq$

ST: This song disappointed me because the first 15-20 seconds had me anticipating greatness and I feel like his voice didn’t live up to the beauty of that beat.

GB: The beat is better than the song, the upside of the song is the rap, but it’s kind of undermined by the intro and corny rhymes with poor execution. The second guy, he’s trying but overall the song is average.

T: The voices on this are just not nice to me at all, but there were one or two interesting bits. I think this song, overall, could have been something because I’m loving this beat so much. Some of the lyrics were very corny, what’s xanxerous? I do like the very simple artwork because I feel if you can’t afford an elaborate job, well-done typography can work.

Y: I actually like this. I’m in love with the beat. The beat carries it for me. The vocals aren’t bad and I think it’s a decent effort. Didn’t have to be sung, if they could have rapped the whole thing maybe. I can give someone’s daughter werk to this song. For sure. Pardon my french

P: The beat could definitely have done so much better. The entire song is just average for me.

IR: Sweet beat but not enough to carry the song. It’s a one play ting for me.


3. I’m Sorry – Jizzyyah

ST: If you’re gonna do the paint by numbers attempt then you better be charismatic enough with your delivery to pull it off and in my opinion he’s not.

Y: The beat definitely goes hard and the delivery has the right amounts of aggression for me. Some lyrics sound cool, but I’m not one for trap usually so I don’t have much of a barometer to measure this on. “Your boyfriend is wack, his jewellery is glass, his rolly is fake, his camo ain’t Bape” I sing along to this part, so it’s catchy I guess.

I personally felt the disdain for the boyfriend, or maybe I projected my own into it.


4. Are You The One? – Dwin, The Stoic

IR: Sounds like it was written for a Nollywood movie, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m sure some people can appreciate this but it’s not necessarily for me.

P: I genuinely love everything about this song and I think the lyrics/storyline are beautiful. Also, I’m a sucker for some good ol’ acoustics. Only negative for me is production – a better mix could have made his vocals sound a little smoother, but asides from that, this is a beautiful song and it’s on REPEAT. 

Y: This made me happy because it’s sweet. The melody falls in some places but I love the writing and the concept. Songs like this thrive on the writing and singing. I would keep this on my background listening playlist, right there with Johnny Drille. There’s something about good old acoustic guitars and honest sounding lyrics.

Sh: It’s really easy to listen to because his voice is soothing. The instrumental is calm and the lyrics are good, so it works.

GB: I’ve never been an acoustic person. generally, but I enjoyed the melodies but that’ts about it.


5. Tours – Dotche

ST: Another song where the start deceived me. it wasn’t mixed properly, the lyrics were kind of wonky and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Y: The mix is problematic, nothing sounds clear. I think it’s the main pad in the beat that’s rippling through everything. I like the breakdown at about 1:49, mostly for the beat since I can’t really hear much else but I don’t like when unique ideas like this aren’t given the care to come out properly.

P: It’s a headache inducing. Chorus and rap so cliche. Need I say more?


We Talk Sound recently released their first compilation album, called ‘Lofn: A collection of love stories.’

6. Memory – A.D.A.M

Sh: This song sounds like it has so much potential, he needs to work on his breathing. There’s no confidence in his voice. He needs proper vocal training and really good A&R too.

P: This song started, and I was like “Ooouu, there’s potential here”. I was really hoping that the fact that his main vocals sounded more like back up vocals and were so low and almost inaudible was just for like an intro thing and there would be this mad beat drop and his voice would really hit, but I waited and waited and nothing, and I realized this is another potential song that could have been saved with better production, sigh. The vocals are mad though, the guy can sing but the person that mixed this needs to be kicked.

T: This beat sounds like something I’ve heard before, like recently but I actually like this, the guy can sing, but I think it could do with more work, and the lyrics aren’t bad at all. It has so much potential, I’d want to hear some more of his stuff in the future. I’ll add this to my playlist, just so I can keep an eye on him.

IR: It’s a no from me dawg. The beat is generic and his voice isn’t doing it for me either.

Y: The beat is wonderful. Makes me think of DVSN. His voice is good, that high note near the end was *nods*. It’s the mix. The mix crippled this song. Like, shot it in the knee.

GB: The song has mad potential if the beat was tidied up and the lyrics and delivery were redone.


GB: So much potential here but wasted, Tay would murk this beat and I’m pretty sure that the album art is breaking copyright laws.

Sh: I like the vocals on this one. Production could’ve been way better. The beat sounds not put together to me like there’s a good concept behind it but it’s not working well with the vocals.



Y: I’m conflicted on this one. I would love to experience this song as a spoken word over just the pianos of the beat. The enunciation while he was singing sometimes muffled the words. But as a slowly delivered poem, this writing would shine like crazy. It’s still not bad as a song. The melodies are okay, the beat is okay but the attention to the writing makes me happy.

T: I actually like this, I like his flow, I like the beat, I like his accent.

Sh: His delivery is not working for me. It’s nice that he’s telling a story that can attempt to engage you but that’s it for me. Production is okay too.

P: I kind of like this, the pronunciation is a bit off and annoying, but it sounds a little more like spoken word than rap. The chorus/singing bit and beat is okay. It’s really simple, nothing special, but I like the writing.

D: Eloquence! The artwork is dope too.

ST: I actually liked it but I feel like the presentation should have been even more minimal.

IR: I really like the beat. The content of the lyrics aren’t bad at all, but the voice itself is just meh.


Lucid Lemons Exclusive’s

9. Fleek – Vic Flair

ST: Why was this so short bro! The beat goes brazyIt’s hard to judge these super short tracks, but I like what I heard.

P: The beginning of this gave me some Mafeni vibes. I thought this was really dope – the vibe beat. Everything sounds dope.

IR: It’s cool I guess. Not super enthusiastic about trap music and this didn’t change my mind.

T: I really love Vic Flair, I love his flow, and how he attacks the beat, which itself is flames, I don’t really have anything negative to say.

Sh: I can tell that it’s good production but I won’t bump it personally. It’s a bit too jumpy for me. Love how the guy went in on the beat though.
It also sounds like the beat overshadowed the vocals in some places unless that was the intention.


10. For Your Pocket (Peruzzi) Remix – PsychoYP

Sh: This is smooth!

ST: The song was really smooth, glad to see another side of Psycho as an artist. It’s a feel-good jam for real.

GB: Favourite thing I’ve heard tonight.

P: Psycho always makes me happy. This song got me dancing and vibing. I actually love this, it’s a whole full jam with extra toppings and Peruzzi killed it too. Definitely my fave of the night.

IR: I love this a lot.

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    Thank you guys for the awesome review! I have more fire in store

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