The Listening Sessions: Episode 3

The Listening Sessions: Episode 3

Episode 3! You ready?


1. YCG – D R O W N 

ST: I described this song as Diet Tyler circa 2011. It had that kind of vibe to it. Vocals could have been mixed better but the beat was cool.

JT: I enjoyed this, the beat is great and his rapping does not interrupt that. The switch up in the beat towards the end was really well done too.

T: First, I like this art work and once again I’m praying it’s not a stolen picture with some random text. The beat is my favorite thing about this song, absolutely love it. The rap, hmm…I’m not sold, but it’s short enough for me to listen and not get too annoyed. I like the switch up at 1:37 too.

AP: I agree with the art work but it feels a lot like something I’ve seen somewhere before but haven’t been able to figure out where which leads me to think it was stolen (hope not). Anyway, cool song, annoyingly short but maybe for the best.

Y: My favorite thing about this track is the beat. It’s sooo nice and with the vocal sample. I definitely agree with the diet Tyler analogy even with the flow. I’m happy it’s short because it didn’t offer anything new or interesting after a while and the mix could have been much more dynamic.

IE: I think it’s just a cool song. The vibes I get from this is end of a slow house party with people talking over music. Not fussed about the rap. I think the short length of the song also works well for it. Would have been a drag if it was longer. The artwork also looks very familiar.

FG: Reminds me of early ASAP mobs kinda. The switch up at the end took me by surprise too. Good one.



2. Hot Boys Crew – Dreams (feat Kalash Richard)(Prod. 8notes)

Y: This is one of the best produced songs on the playlist. This beat is amazing! Imagine it in the hands of Tekno or someone like that. Would have been such a hit!!! I mean those drum rolls with the trumpets.

As for the artiste, he could be anyone. It’s baseline Nigerian generic in lyrics, delivery, everything. I would dance to this in the club because this beat moves me.

JT: I find this to be a rather generic beat, not sure I would be listening again.

IE: I think it’s very okay. Not much going on there that I haven’t heard before. Think the vocals could have been better.

FG: I like it, it’s got a nice bounce and I think the guy can sing. Sad I didn’t know it before this group chat. Definitely giving it a spin on the show.

AP: Loool I actually didn’t hate this song, one of the better ones from the playlist

ST: Nothing special.


3. Simi – Joromi (Sensei Lo House Remix)

TA: I enjoyed this, but I found it very forgettable. I forgot it was supposed to be House, I think she could have done more but other than that I liked it.

Y: It’s the original song with a filter to remove the drums (which also removed some of the other frequencies and so you have it all muddied) and then a basic house drum loop… no variations, no drop, no style… just slapped house drums on and called it a remix. This one personally offended me.

ST: I really wanted to like this but I just couldn’t get into it. Vocals sounded kinda muddled somehow and I didn’t get house vibes.

FG: She could have used the acapella to make the song then changed the melodies completely, and given the chorus a proper house drop.

IE: I can see House music lovers enjoying this, but maybe she could have varied the baseline a bit to give the song more character.


4. Jamie Osaka – Mars 

JT: I like this one, but the vocals aren’t the best. It feels as though the singer was trying too hard to make their voice do what it can’t, he just needs practice.

Y:  I think it had sooooooo much potential! The beat is lovely for what I think the song was trying to be. The lyrics aren’t bad, the singing needs improvement, but definitely potential there.

The mixing is my biggest gripe with the song. It sounds like a voice note draft. No backing vocals, no variation, no craft to the mix. Even without the improvement on the singing, if this was mixed crisply, harmonies and tings, could have been like a lite version of that Tay-style from ‘Passport’.

FG: Nice song but his vocals could’ve been mixed better. The high end & the mids are kind of muffled, he could’ve delivered it better too.

IE: I didn’t like it. Vocals was not good enough.

TA: I think he has potential, just needs to work on his singing.


5. Culture’95 – W I N D

ST: Sounds like a Nav song that he never released, and I’m not really into Nav.

IE: I won’t shout at the person with the aux if he plays this whilst I’m intoxicated. I don’t really have much of an opinion


6. Attitude – Today

JT: Typical, but I can’t complain because if Davido released the same song, I’d probably jam it on repeat.

Y: Do you know what he needed? Catchy lyrics…that’s all. Songs like this, all they need is parts that, when the DJ drops the levels, everyone will shout the lyrics. That “you don open up the door of my heart oo” line, I low key sing along with it because I think it’s delivered well. This would get AirPlay if it had catchy lyrics.

IE: Nothing new or exciting about the song. The guy that sings on it doesn’t have a bad voice, and the delivery also isn’t bad at all, but the actual content is dead.


7. The Wisemen Crew – Take You There

Y: It sounds like early stages of a song that could have been something.

TA: Hate this artwork. I agree, I think there’s something in the song but it just wasn’t executed as best as it could have been.

FG: I like it I think they have potential.


8. Bella Alubo x YCee – Tropicana Fruit Juice

Y: Is there anything bad anyone can say about this song? What a wowwwww. I want a remix with Amaarae!

JT: On the contrary, I think this is just alright. I don’t really like Bella’s voice but the song gets better as it goes on. Maybe needs a few more listens.

ST: This is a chilled jam, and Bella killed it.


9. Barelyanyhook – SeabassSZN

ST: Why was it so short 😡😡!

I wanted to hear BAH really explore that beat, and I feel cheated, but I like what I heard though.

TA: I wanted to hear more too but it could be a teaser of what he’s been cooking for us. I think BAH is one of the dopest rappers we’ve got right now and I’m so excited for what’s coming.

JT: SeabassSZN is probably the best thing on the playlist. Great flow, on a great beat. I can actually listen to this one over and over, but it’s just too short!

AP: Top 2 on the playlist! I’ve seen BAH live once, at a 90s Baby Kickback, very impressive and gifted lad.

Y: Beyond my personal bias, I’m so sad that this was so short! I don’t think many people touch BAH when it comes to flow. I really want him to blow immensely but I also don’t want him to go commercial because he’s one for the rap heads.


10. Filé – Jocelyn Flores (remix)

TA: Everything from the artists name to this remix, I love. I think (s)he’s still experimenting with their sound but I’m going to be watching.

Y: I really really liked this. So chill, vibes af. I don’t know why he makes me think of like, Jaden smith lol. I’m definitely gonna be watching out for more from him.

ST: I want to hear something original from him, because the potential I’m hearing is real.

FG: Love it, love the sample too.

AP: I think it was just okay but I’d give it another listen.

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