The Listening Sessions: Episode 2

The Listening Sessions: Episode 2

We’re back with Episode 2! This week, our playlist featured some dope new artists we think you should have on your radar. Tell us who you’ve gone and added to your playlist.

Ready for your Sunday vibes?


1.Maradona & Wo Freestyle – Boogey

Y: I like this one for the rapping itself. I don’t think it particularly went well with the Maradona beat but it’s not too distracting. His lyrics are smartly written and I think the flow is decent. I’d like to hear this guy on one of my more rap-centric beats. What was that ending though?

T: I actually like his flow on Maradona, I would definitely listen to something else by him, just to get a feel for his own style of music.

P: In general his flow was flames. The transition to Wo could have been better and done more creatively but I definitely believe it was the better freestyle. Maradona sounded like one flow all the way through and the song doesn’t end right, it’s too abrupt.

S: I think he did both beats justice. His flow was fire even though some of the lines were iffy. I’d like to hear him on an original production and see how he does because there’s potential here

D: I fuck with Boogey, he can rap but this Maradona remix wasn’t it. That transition into Wo was weak but it’s lit still. Vocals are overshadowing the beat.

TT: Great flow. In my opinion, he did remarkably well when he took over Wo. I think he did alright on both but amateurish in the transition and ending. Lines were alright, generally liked how he made fun out of rap.


2. E.T. – BiddySings (Prod. Jasper)

D: Honestly, Biddy hasn’t been impressing me but with this ET song, I was surprised!!! I really love this song. He’s an amazing songwriter.

P: The background noise was really annoying/distracting and the mixing/mastering could be better, because of that I couldn’t properly appreciate back up vocals and a lot of lyrics were lost in the loudness of beat. I don’t like the artwork.

X: I agree, I couldn’t really hear him properly because the beat covered his lyrics.

T: I got bored of this very quickly to be very honest but I would be adding this to my study playlist. Easy listening, I love the lyrics and what was that at 2:20, I love it! I dig the art too.

TT: Sex song that doesn’t get you to the sex feel. The start was alright. Mastering could be better.

Y: I love this song. I’ve seen Biddy struggle with his style and Jasper with his production but it’s like on this song they both just brought it from nowhere! I love love this song. I think he needs a bit more improvement in his writing, some lyrics don’t wax well but his voice. The way he harmonizes and fills out the track with his voice. I love it. I personally think he has a ton of potential if he can just iron out the technicalities of his music. The voice is there. The vibe is there

S: This song was alright. I got bored like halfway through if I’m honest. I feel like it could have been so much more and I felt like his voice was fighting with the beat in terms of volume.


3. Senku – Brapurple ft Hitz Magik (Prod. By Keezy OnTheBeat)

D: Song is good but I feel it might ginger the Ghanaian crowd more. The artwork is minimal, I like that. Very chill vibe.

P: Yes Ghana! Really like the fine mix of lyrics between English and the native language. I didn’t really like the singer on this but the rapper was good and he flowed so naturally on the beat.

TT: Really messy beats and mastering also poor.

Y: Didn’t like this one like that. The beat would bang in Ghana, people would vibe to this, but I don’t like his verses like that. However, I like the idea behind the hook. The execution (mix, master, harmonies) is lacking but I like the girls’ voice at face value and how she sings that hook.


Celestial Bronze – Big Daddy Kane (prod. by Osayuki, Ebay)

X: His flow was absolutely on it!

TT: Great song. The change of tempo was solid too and draws you in brilliantly. Really liked this song honestly.

Y: The beat is my favourite thing about this song. Had to look out the window to make sure I was in the right era. It has that old school G-rap feel for me lol.. blood and crips stuff… the braggadocio of the whole thing is actually quite cool. Enjoyed it.

D: I really fuck with this. This guy is a rapper but once again one thing about these rappers is eloquence. Very dope song regardless. The artwork is nice.

T: I found the beat a little boring. There was a lot of competition just to hear the lyrics and he needs to work on enunciation. I found it difficult to hear his words and make sense of the song. In general, I think it’s dope. The artwork – meh.


Human Nature – UgoApex

S: J Cole fans might love this. I like the message and it was mixed well I just didn’t vibe with it tbh, probably wasn’t in the right mood(?) but it’s not a bad song. Yo.u can tell he put work into it which I appreciate

P: The lyrics and message are so on point, so relatable. I think the mixing and mastering on this are actually good. The rap is really smooth, another addition to my playlist. THANK YOU! I also love the singing bit as well, very catchy. One of them Sunday afternoon cool smooth songs that get you thinking about life. The artwork is dope too.


T: Yes, us J. Cole fans fuck with this. Love, love, love the intro. And here’s another rapper that doesn’t have too much of an issue with enunciation or eloquence. This song is such a vibe, the chorus finished work on this for me.

X: I’ve been vibing to this! I like how he tells a story.

D: I’ve been watching this guy and he’s fully improved. I love the chorus, the rap is decent, he killed this. The artwork is super decent. He really tried, this is a dope song!

Y: I felt this. I think everything was smooth. Everything. Intelligent lyrics, chill laid back beat that was the perfect vessel for his flow. The message is there. The singing hook part has this Damian Marley vibe that I totally love. The mix is clear.


Float – Bedford

X: First thing, the noise and reverb on his vocals. I didn’t enjoy this because of them. The beat felt so low behind his vocals.

P: A common sound, I feel like this is one of 1 million songs I’ve heard. The mixing and mastering aren’t great. Reverb almost deafened me. I’m not really into trap music, so personal bias.

D: Ughhh this song was headed into some next level shit then he just disappointed me. Well, the beat did anyways. The guy vibed to it, he’s dope but this song doesn’t hit. Dope ass artwork.

T: I think this guy just needs work. I think he was onto something but it’s not refined yet.


La Vie – Hannise ft Victor Collins

P: The over-repetitions just killed it for me. I had gone 2 minutes into the song and I hadn’t even realized because it just sounded like the same thing over and over. Didn’t catch my interest at all.

TT: The beat was great. With an immense dance potential.

D: Beat is repetitive and underwhelming.

Y: This grew on me as I listened. He’s not a strong singer so it didn’t go down too well. It got very repetitive. I guess I have a thing for simple melodic songs. However, I do like the part where the girl comes in. I would take the intro, and then start the song where the girl came in and have it be a 1 min thing that would be dope as an interlude.


Baltimore – Victor Olalekan (ft. Chris McClenney)

S: First, shout out to the 301! The song was smooth as hell and dope, found myself wishing it was longer.

X: Love the singing and the rap.

Y: This is so funky! Snoop Dogg riding in the hood vibes lol. The beat is simple and effective. The flow and rap are just…yeah, he’s got this thing down. The whole vibe is beautiful.

D: I didn’t enjoy the rap.

P: This is my kind of song! Although I felt like the guy was trying too hard to get the whole 80s/90s thing going on and a bit of a fake accent here and way-way-way too much enunciation, but the effort was very admirable and I actually fuxx with this, love the beat. Reminded me of like children birthday parties, the kind of song they’d put for parents to be swaying to.


Gully – iDRIS

D: This beat is fyeeeeee! I wish he slapped some 808s on there.

S: Get Denzel on this shit!

Y: Gosh I love this. The drums are so smooth. That hat loop made me think of DOZ. Some 808s would have killed this. Only thing I think is that with instrumental work you gotta have some variation if not people will tune out halfway.

TT: Enthralls quite well at the beginning, then fails to do anything further. Really should be more to it. I’m an avid listener of zero vocals on beats, and I swear there’s a bit of storytelling (with the beat) you should be attempting when you embark on this.


Weekend – Suede [JayLon Rmx]

P: Saturday night club jam, I really enjoyed the beat. The mix/mastering could be better but I really enjoyed this. Had me busting some moves. Lyrics a bit generic, but love it still. In my playlist, thanks!

D: JAM JAM JAM!!!!! Jaylon is some other shit. I don’t know what the original song sounds like but this is a banger. The mix could be better.

TT: Definite club banger, end of!

S: I have no reference for the original track but it was a nice one. I can see people turning up to it for sure. Idk who engineered it but it felt really loud. Drums went brazy!

Y: I like this! Bust this at a House party and lemme vice to it. The mix leaves a bit to be desired. Lyrics too but ain’t nobody listening too closely when you’re vibing. So shout out to the producer as well because, damn, he cemented the vibe.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the songs we’ve picked out this week. Give some new music a listen and feedback to the artists by dropping a comment or tweeting at us using #TheListeningSessions

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    Thanks! That’s just about the best compliment you could give me.

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    Thanks Tomisin Akinwunmi! I had fun with these!

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