The Listening Session: Episode 10

The Listening Session: Episode 10

Just in time to bid you adieu for now! The Listening Sessions will be back shortly for a second season with more music to discover!


1. Braveheart – Ignis Brothers

Y: This sound always gets to me, this very acoustic guitar Disney soundtrack style. I love it. The instrumentals, the vocals, the lyrics, the poetry of it all.

ST: Definitely Disney soundtrack, because that’s the vibe I get from this. Sounds like the track for some inspirational montage as the hero is discovering the power within. Is it something I would listen to in my spare time when I’m chilling? No. Is it a bad song? No. It did get pretty boring for me, but I guess there are people that would love it still.

T:  I actually love this, the three vocalists show incredible talent in their individual verses and as a group, their voices blend beautifully. I would deffo love to hear more of this! I will have to be in a particular mood to listen to this, but they should look for movies to do songs for!


2. OT – BHP

T: BHP is a group from Kaduna! I LOVE how this platform introduced me to artists from other parts of Nigeria. In some way I kind of fuck with this, it’s got a generic sound to it but the rappers have some potential, they just need more finesse and vocal training. I can’t imagine what kind of music is coming out of KD but if this is an introduction, I’m interested in what else is out there. The hook is really catchy though.

ST: The song was shaky, mixing and all needed work. You can tell that they’re very influenced by Travi$ and Tory Lanez I’d assume which isn’t bad but I’d like to see them take that sound and put their own twist on it, rather than just copying it outright. The verses weren’t even bad, they have potential. They just gotta tap into it.

Y:  I actually like this. It’s an effort to be proud of and there’s a lot of potentials to be tapped into if they can just come into their own styles. It sounds kinda generic for the moment but I feel like, with some work, there’s definitely something here. Big ups for the beat and the hook.


3. Ring On It – Reggie feat Chika Blaze & EhzyBeatz

ST: I fxck with this beat. This is a song to get drunk to and just slide man. The rapper wasn’t great, his flow was clunky and this song needs to be smooth as hell.

T: I like the beat of this but the rap stressed me out. If I was drunk this beat will do it all for me, so mad props to the producer, especially with the way the song ended.

Y: I like the beat, it’s really chill and gets me swaying and I don’t think it’s bad, especially the piano at the end. I like the chorus quite a bit but the rap lets me down.


4. Favourite List – Nissi

ST: Yo, this song is nice!. I really liked it. Did it have to be as long as it is? I would say no, but her voice is nice, the beat has a nice groove to it, this is feel-good warm weather music to me.

Y:  I love her voice. This is, feel good, happy message, lovely instrumentals, summer bop, beach relaxing music and it works so well. It’s the kind of song that will always put a smile on your face. Reminds me of glee even. It’s just so happy and nice. Not the biggest fan of the length, wish it was short and sweet.

T: It’s a summer vibe, I’m hoping she comes out with a little more summer – pop songs, I want to see her do more, bigger and hopefully we add her to leading roster of women of pop in Naij. It is rather long though…but I don’t mind it as much on second listen.


5. Her – Jerimiah

T: I don’t get what he’s saying in this song, so biggest issue, once again, is eloquence. I do love this lo-fi hip-hop beat.

ST: The beat is wavy but how can I be straining to hear the lyrics?

Y: Loving the instrumentals. Laid back with the piano and the drums. The voice and the flow actually sound good but I can’t hear the words at all. It’s not the mix, because the vocals sound clean so it’s the enunciation.


6. No Heaters – Banggz

Y: I like that line about using the speakers. But this mix is not really it. It’s not the worst, the second verse I think has some diverse flow so I’m not mad. For me, the biggest thing is the mix.

T: The rapper isn’t that bad, again, I think from the second verse you can see he has the foundations of the rap thing down but needs to work on his flow and of course, growth comes from more practice and more knowledge.

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