The HERE Exhibition

The HERE Exhibition

The HERE Exhibition seeks to empower survivors of sexual violence to break the violence and regain their freedom. The photos in the exhibition highlight places where rape occurs, thereby disrupting the stigmatization that people who are violated in such locations face.
The use of imagery (photography) is strategic as it creates a body of work that literally hits close to home; reflecting the reality of how close survivors often are to their abusers.

The exhibition also serves as a fundraiser for a rehabilitation center where women and girls will be sheltered, while we are helping them to reintegrate into the society. While at the center, they will be empowered with life skills to enable them to become economically independent of their abuser in cases where this occurs at the home front.

HERE Exhibition Opening 30th of April
Featuring conversations and spoken word
About The Speakers
Titilope Sonuga
Titilope is an international award-winning poet, writer, and performer.
She won the 2011 Canadian Authors’ Association Emerging Writer Award for her first collection of poems, Down To Earth. Her poetry also afforded her a meeting with the late poet and activist, Maya Angelou. She was a speaker at Tedx Edmonton in 2014. Titilope was the first poet to appear at a Nigerian presidential inauguration, at the May 2015 inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari.
Arit Okpo
Media Entrepreneur
Arit is a highly versatile Content Producer, Presenter, Event Host and Writer. She has produced and presented programs such as current affairs show The Crunch, travel show Destinations Africa; politics show Naija Politics and cooking show Chefrican, all on the Ebonylife TV platform. She is an experienced event moderator and has hosted events such as the African Higher Education Summit (Dakar 2015), the Next Einstein Forum (Dakar 2016) and many others.
About STER
Stand to End Rape (STER) Initiative is a youth-led not-for-profit organization advocating for the promotion of sexual reproductive health rights (SHRH) and speaking against sexual violence. Since June 2014, we have advocated for rape survivors who can’t speak about their ordeal due to stigmatization.
Our belief is that an enlightened community will see the need to end rape and victim blaming once and for all.
Our goal is to create a society where women and men, girls and boys no longer have to live in fear of rape and all forms of sexual violence.Since her establishment, STER Initiative has supported over 200 rape survivors in Nigeria, engaged in projects/community outreaches, being featured at International Conferences and was recently featured in Guardian Nigeria as one of the 16 leading women-led organizations changing the lives of Nigerian women and girls.
The collaborators
The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) is a Nigeria-based registered non-for-profit organization working to protect and promote the human rights of sexual minorities nationally and regionally. TIERs is committed to bringing about a society that is free from discrimination and harm on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. It works towards this goal through education, empowerment, and engagement with the many publics in Nigeria. It was founded in 2005 as a response to the discrimination and marginalization of sexual minorities in both HIV prevention programming and mainstream human rights work.
The Revolving Art Incubator is a place set aside for artists to share ideas, experiment and engage through art projects, performances, talks, and exhibitions. RAI is an alternative art space as well as a platform which encourages creativity and exchange. It provides artists with unique opportunities to create works using its incubator space as a catalyst to foster creative thinking and expand artistic expressionism. RAI serves as a platform for art development all across genres and redefines artistic growth ad sustainable art practice in Nigeria. Through its experimental projects and workshops, it pushes art to its role as a catalyst for societal growth and development in Nigeria.
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