The Feminist Manifesto

The Feminist Manifesto

The textbook definition of feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. In the Nigerian society, the words “feminist” and “feminism” are associated with negative connotations. Feminists are often portrayed as angry man-haters, jilted lovers or attention seekers. These associations believed to be reasons-or at least justifications-that allow misogynists to actively persecute those seeking gender equality in Nigeria. For this reason, among many others, many shy away from being labelled feminists.

If you are wary, fear not! Here are some things that we, the feminists, would like you to know:

  • Feminists are humans too
  • We come in all shapes, religions, colors and sizes
  • We are not “angry”, we are passionate
  • We don’t strive to be liked, we strive to be heard
  • We don’t hate men, we just want to get paid more
  • We also want women to stop being targets of hate because of our gender
  • Not all of us agree on everything, and that’s okay!
  • We are tired of the double standard that exists within patriarchies and we’re trying to fix that
  • We don’t take kindly to toxic masculinity
  • Meetings are on the first Friday of every month. Don’t forget the Thanksgiving potluck!
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