The “Familiar” Interview with Nissi

The “Familiar” Interview with Nissi

Meet Nissi Ogulu, the talented singer, painter and artist is set to take the industry by storm, imprinting her stamp is only a matter of time. Let’s get Familiar with her, shall we ?

1. Let’s allow you to introduce yourself, your name is … ?

My full name is actually “Jehovah–Nissi Ogulu”, but everyone calls me Nissi.

2. How did you start your music journey (how did you find your sound) ?

My music journey pretty much started when I realised I could sing. I had played the piano from when I was about five years old in my mother’s music school, so music was always a thing for me. It did all start coming together for me when I realised I had a voice to go with my piano playing! I have been surrounded by music all through my life. I would compose my own melodies and songs, and I was constantly listening to different types of music from Jazz, Funk, R&B and Pop to Afrobeats and more. It got to a point that I started performing for my friends at their birthday parties and other smaller events.

I remember I was singing and a best friend of mine who happens to be my producer, JoeBagz, was really appreciative of my sound. He decided he was going to make some beats and asked that we work on something together. Just like that, the recording process started. What is crazy is that at this point I was only thirteen. We both started that process together, and we grew from there. By the time we had some demos ready and played it for people, interest started to develop.

As for finding my sound, it’s been a long learning process, and I’m still a student trying to master her craft.

3. Regarding your recent song “Familiar”, what inspired the theme of the song ?

I always sing about experiences, whether they are mine or whether they come from stories from friends or even stangers. Familiar, for me, was a reflection on a particular situation I had found myself in. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s talking about getting out there and giving the world as much of myself asI can. It’s about my desire to share my creativity with no restrictions. I have seen a lot of ups and downs through my journey (probably more downs) which I also express in the song, despite its upbeat tempo. However, despite the trying times, I really do want to get familiar with the world out there and, of course, have the world get familiar with me.

4. Creatives often have different disciplines, how do you combine being a painter with being a singer ?

Well, these are two things I have pretty much always done. I am a very creative person and I’ve been blessed with all these talents. I make time for it and work hard to keep them going, I sacrifice whenever it’s necessary.

5. How is modelling going ?

I stopped modelling a few years ago, actually! It was a great experience and I’m sure there will be loads of it along the line as things progress by God’s grace but as a committed thing to do I just had to make a choice and prioritise. Everything in its right time.

6. Do you watch anime ?

I am a HUGE anime fan. Borderline freak, if you will. I’m all about it. Comics, cartoons, whatever! I’m on it!

7. Do you have a lucky number ?

I don’t have a lucky number but I have a thing for odd numbers. For the sake of the question though I’ll pick number 1, because that’s my birthday number.

8. The paradigm in the country seems to be shifting in favour of the new generation, what’s your take on this ?

It depends on what you mean. I do recognise a lot of us “millennials” doing our thing and I’m all for it. I would love for things to shift in favour of the new generation but let’s be honest is it truly shifting the way it ought to? I think we have a long way to go and a lot of mind-set changes need to happen.

9. No idea is original they say, what would you say to that and also what are your influences as a creative ?

I think it’s true to say no idea on its own is original, I mean there are 8 billion people in the world, so the chances are that somebody, somewhere, has already thought of that same thing. I think it’s about what an individual does with that idea, which, for me makes all the difference in the world. In terms of influences, everything influences me in some way, originality above all I find the most appealing. People fascinate me a lot, cultures, diversity and love.

10. I always ask this question last, so Mama Nissi as an evolving creative what would say your final form is ?

Quite simply… To make history!

We thank Nissi for her time, please check out her music in the link below:

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