The beauty of ANXIETY

The beauty of ANXIETY

I can feel you in the midst of my bones. You are pretty as the ocean. This neurological uneasiness, the symphonic tension that leaves me clenching my fist and tapping my feet brings melody to my comforter. You took me when I was a little boy, tossed me on your back and together we rode into the sunset. Like an obsessive possessive lover, you locked me up in a Nicholas cage…far away from the burden of peer pressure, from the risk of sharing a piece of myself with people of my race that might think I’m going crazy, they will never understand that I only feel this safe with you. You’ve painted a beautiful confusion on my mind’s canvas with brush strokes and tricks of class and perfection.‎ For so long I’ve been lost in a bewilderment, Falling down an eternal drain of rejection, wrapped in vintage fabrics of restlessness and agitation…but I wasn’t alone in the dark. You held me from within and gave me the miracle of Fear. You are my imaginary friend, I can never repay you.

by Okam Chinedu

  • King Midas
    Posted at 19:31h, 31 March Reply

    Dope n classy 👍🏽

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