Talk Talk with Ozzy B

Talk Talk with Ozzy B

Talk Talk.

It’s been a long day, yet I have this article on my mind. Ozzy B a music creative from Nigeria, Africa and I had just concluded a lovely conversation which I’ve been excited to share. The reason for my excitement, I’m not quite sure. I had my comments about his recent body of work. I’ve been a follower of some sorts of his art, even if I wasn’t, I seemed to be surrounded by people who loved him cause of his debut work diary of a loner which they all collectively felt was an embodiment of their younger years fighting through the realities and depression of life’s obstacles and education. Years later he was more defined, more defined. He was what I feel he needed to be and we all had to accept that. This is the new age, after all, we need to accept the change of innovation. Nothing is defined, it’s a journey we are all embarking on as the generation dedicated to change the state of how we’re perceived by the world, this I’ve stated all again and I end with Ozzy B, another addition to this form of a new future with more expressions, more ideas, more diversity and change from Africa. The world will listen to his sound, to our voice, I’ve decided to share his mind.

“It’s been a good year. Things are moving. Dropped a project a few months back. So I’m just working on that at the moment. Thanking God for the progress and the Growth.”, he started off with. A dash of humbleness in his words, another mind consciously settled in his aura toward the world. He was warm and open to being questioned, confidence and calmness that comes from a mind who worked hard to be in his position and elated to share this to anyone who’s intrigued.”
Let’s begin.
Adedayo Laketu : What’s your progress ? What do you feel is the growth you’ve experienced ? The new wave, new age, new growth has come over the music scene as we are more expressive, the world is more attentive, we are more conscious, what’s your story and how do you fit into the new dimensions growing, coming from when you released your first tape “Diaries of a Loner” ?
Ozzy B : Sometimes I look back at the person I was a few years back and the person I am now. And it’s crazy how my mindset and my whole appearance changed. Yeah, your right. The world is more conscious and because of that. You need to supply the mass with music they can vibe and daydream about at the same time. There’s so much going on in the world now. So everyone is looking for something to balance their consciousness. Music. Movies. Women. Etc. I feel I just moved with the world. But maintained and worked on my natural elements mixed with the situations life tends to put you in. I worked on my craft while drawing on experiences and situations over the years and used it to create the person I am now. Progress. I feel I am in a much better place now. My music becomes more appreciated every day. I’m in a way better position to achieve the things I have set out to achieve. On my first project. I was experimenting on a basic level. Wanting the world to see my growth and know what I have to offer. Now I’m still experimenting , the only difference is I’m trying to surpass the previous formula I created.
AL : The world has moved, you have moved but what are you now ? Tell us. What’s the music you make now ? What’s matured in your creativity, the relevance you pursue behind the stories, visions , daydreams you relay. We have seen the new age grow so rapidly but the motion can get lost in the vastness of new information, sound, and ideas we’re being presented with every day.
As an artist, you are the cultural direction, the tool we use to listen to what our growth represents, how do you invade this Internet age with your voice, what is the progress you want your voice to interpret in their mind.
 I was curious, there’s a flare that came for his words and I dug in more, his answers ever so inspiring.
Ozzy B : I relate my vision to the world. And no matter how imaginative my mind is. I always relay it to my present reality. I’m on a path to get to the highest stage of music. And to let the World know I came from Nigeria. Situations. Women. Lost friends. Allow me make the music I make now. The beauty of creativity is letting emotions play a part in your creativity. Sometimes it can be dangerous but if you give your creativity the right doses of your reality and let your mind combine them into whatever it becomes. It’s up to you transform it into art. That can be music. That can be pictures. Art. Anything. We are in a digital age. There is endless information. A gift and a curse. You pick what you need to know. You further what you think you need to learn. When I started making music. It was about everything else. The world wanted. I studied the world. I studied humans. At the end of the day. No matter how different you are. It’s all the same thing. White. Black. Christian. Muslim. Gothic. Ivy League. We all love. We all hate. We all have emotions. We all daydream. We all aspire. Music allows you speak to someone in more ways than one. No matter the message you try to convey when he or she listens they’re gonna get what they want from the song regardless. You can make a song about trying to stop violence and someone can listen to the song cause it takes them to the world where they want to destroy everything. The same song can be used by someone to forget their problems. I feel the full song is not the message, it’s each melody and chord, each note you hit. The full song is a general perception. That’s the trend. That’s what gets the people’s attention.
They listen and follow you and believe in you ? I feel it’s because your music does something for them. Personally. A one hit wonder and an artist with a fan base. The connection which they both have is very different. So whatever they get from listening to your music. Is an interpretation of their mind.
In the past two years, my songwriting has become more alternative. I might sing about dragons and pirates, someone out there would relate to me speaking about dragons in their own reality. To them, the dragons might be his boss at work. It might be his wife’s mom. It might be the girls in her school making fun of her.
(There’s a lot of constructs you’ve laid out, let’s break into them.)
AL : What inspired your growth through the world, as we have minds still stuck in a monochrome wavelength, you’ve grown, you understand you’ve grown both as time, an artist and your life, what subjects made you realised the more occurring in your growth, yes more messages are relayed to you, but what snapped your focus into these things after understanding the world you studied around ?
Ozzy B : Personally. I think everyone is wired. We are all wired. Not saying being wired is a bad thing. But we’ve all been programmed in a different and same way at the sane time. Coming from a third world country. And being raised on the mainland. It was like a slave dreaming of going to the promised land. Don’t get me wrong. I come from a good family. In terms of my dreams, it was like being a slave. A Nigerian kid wanting to do something different from the norms. It takes a lot to break out of the norm. It’s something you fight for. What made me realize the growth was when I looked at my surroundings. I couldn’t relate mentally with a lot of people. I was surrounded by negativity so I avoided people. At first I thought I had a problem. But later on when I met other people I realized it was growth. Negativity was a big factor in my growth. All my life I was raised around positivity, till I went fully in the world, exposed myself to new people and now I can’t blame them or point fingers and say their negative people, but they had negative vibes. And I connect mainly on vibes. Being a creative in a room full of people who are concerned or live in the world. Allowed me grow. Cause the only way I could escape was in my head. At the same time. These same people look down on you. A negative vibe can hamper things. It’s essential to stay away from it. I stayed around people like that for some time. When I had learn what I needed I disconnected. Another thing was life. When I say life. No matter how much I want to fly and be in the mountains with women. Life is waiting for you, In the form of women, bills, school work, your job etc. So it’s like an alien having to adjust to the ways of humans. It’s life bro. It affected me sometimes. Distracted me. But it’s important to use it as motivation. In my music. All I’ve ever wanted is to let people understand where I’m trying to go.
The main event, as dived into his new body of work Suzie’s funeral, his words.
“With Suzie’s Funeral. My primary message to the world was to create. Create what you feel is right and at the same time create what the world will appreciate. Suzie’s Funeral is a collection of world vibes but each vibe has its own story. I see music the same way I see a film. It’s an endless space of creation. Suzie was a girl who accompanied me on the journey to the valley. The valley is the land of the perfect sounds. The final destination you reach when you have created the perfect sound. On our way to the valley we encounter so many things and struggles and we both them come to a realization. For us to make it there. Something has to give. Suzie ends up taking her own life , so I can reach the valley. Suzie is a combination of everything. The woman I love. My friends. Emotions. Lust. Everything and for me to get the destination, I had to kill off all those things. Hence : Suzie’s Funeral
With that, I just laid back and let him have the floor, he certainly wasn’t done with airing our his thoughts.

He shared this,
“The western world plays a great part in our creative sphere. If not for the tv shows or things we saw , we won’t have been able to stand out and create our own. I believe Africa will soon be on the top of creativity. I feel we are blessed because most of us have lived in a third world view and have been influenced by the western world. The combination gives an element of creation that no other continent can have. The younger ones have to keep pushing. We will break the gates. So the younger ones can fill up the building when we enter. You have to ask yourself. Am I doing this to be the best , am I doing this to change things. Am I doing this for fame? Am I doing this for money? Being a creative in a third world country has its limits. It’s a sector that is now being appreciated and is slowly profitable. If the kids are getting into this. They have to know What they’re getting into. They have to know it’s a cause. Like how MLK fought for black rights. We are fighting for the creative side of the country. Another thing , in as much we emulate the western world. The only way to be truly noticed is by showing your culture. We were educated by the white man. But there are millions of other people equally creating too. So what makes you special, Your culture makes you special. Lagos makes you special. Those notices when the generator spoilt and your stuck outside waiting for power. You begin to create as you look up at the night.”
You can make a song about trying to stop violence and someone can listen to the song cause it takes them to a world where they want to destroy everything. The same song can be used by someone to forget their problems. I feel the full song is not the message, it’s each melody and chord, each note you hit.
As we got to a close, I asked what I felt was probably an elephant in the room, “Where are the Monster Boys ?”
To which he responded,
“The Monster Boys never left. We just grew. Each of us. In our own way. We all set out on different journeys to improve our craft and that is what you are seeing now. We stand for every single creative in Africa. Who feels they can’t do it because of their surrounding. We stand for those who just want to create. We stand for those with visions outside the mind and box.”
It has been a wave this year, as we all grow, everyone finding his voice and path. We seem to all know what our direction is and how we must fight to get our world shared with the world regardless of how hard our third world difficulties are. Ozzy B, who was recently verified on Twitter shows this in every form with his growth as an individual and artist and the essence of what makes his craft unique and not in a limiting “African sound way” but in his own sound, a sound that could be perceived from any point of view, a sound that is worth of being called an art piece of music contributed by an African.
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