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Wambi by Zarion Uti

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Zarion Uti presents “Wambi”, this is his fourth single this year and also a major part of his debut project which is expected to be dropping later this year. This is unlike what you’ve ever heard from him. “I decided to make something you can vibe to in the club and still feel great listening to at home,” says Zarion Uti. With Wambi meaning “Come Here or Come Closer” you should already know it is one for the ladies.


The track was produced by Johnson Kelvin (Veen),a Multi Genre Nigerian Producer, it was recorded mixed and mastered in Covington Georgia, U.S. by Marco Stewart, an 18 year old American Sound engineer who Zarion Uti commended to be of the most impressive individuals he has ever worked with.

The song also has a high life feel infused with the up to date “Ghana Bounce” that you can liken to major songs by Mr. Eazi, Dot Man, Maleek Berry and a few others. Zarion Uti has never failed to improve and wow his audience. From his first single The Way to Life of the Party, his musical growth has been duly noticed and appreciated. His records on SoundCloud currently total yo over 50,000 streams worldwide. He also just started publicizing on Spotify and has amassed over a thousand monthly listeners so it’s definite that his career is one to look out for. We personally recommend this new single because we believe it is his best work yet. It debuted majorly on Spotify but due to high demand, he decided to make available for Mobile download.

Enjoy “Wambi”.

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‘Banana Leaves’ by Ujah Godwin

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I feel my eyes move,
And I have a clue.
Maybe I have shifted my mind’s eye,
From the negatives of this life,
And settled them on these banana leaves.
In all it’s green lustre,
Having fallen the shallow heights from the tree,
It looks like it doesn’t give a care.

Lush and green,
It grins
At me.
Letting me know that,
It is fine, and it just wants to sleep.
“It’s time to rest”,
It whispers,
“I have blossomed enough”.

Still, as my mind’s eye watched,
The wind sprinkled a company of fine dust.

Banana leaves peplumed with fine sand,
Sprawled on the floor,
It said to me,
“What is life?”

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