One Hell Of A Weekend – KOD ft LATO

KOD enlists fellow Benin-City Based rapper LATO and they both go wavy on the track ‘ONE HELL OF A WEEKEND’. 
#KODWEEKLY is a weekly music series targeted to entertain and win new fans of KOD, his music and his career journey so far in the industry. Over the four weeks of June, KOD will be dropping new music every Wednesday primarily on his soundcloud page and on some of your favourite blogs.
Last week was ‘Anything For You’ which can be checked out here

The #KODWeekly Series will be a periodic form of direct engagement from now on and we hope you all are as excited as we are.
Listen via the link below.

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Note To Self

2017-02-17 18.03.28
To my brain, prodigy, mastermind, stay intelligent and witty, detest imbecility, insensitivity, ignorance, lest retardation entwines you. To my strong willed heart, stay firm, solid,
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Love Lemons

A song and a woman

Nights when the covers aren’t warm enough.

Your head filled with dreams of her smile,

Standing afar and staring mouth agape as the rays from the moon falls on her battered skin.

Silk dress and open whisky,

A half-smoked joint and a cup of ginger tea.

Hips swinging seductively,

I am a sucker for a pretty face.

Walks by the sea,

The fishes and the seabirds;

All singing to me.

I am alone and there’s neither a her nor a she,

Just a lonely drunk;

Sitting by the sea.


– Marvelous Ikpea

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