The Lemon Curd x Korede.J

How did your journey as a photographer begin?

Korede.J: Hmm. As I recall, photography for me started as learning a skill in my year 9 as a school project. I already had two digital cameras but my parents acquired the DSLR camera for the assignment. I then put all my effort and energy into it because I fancied what I had started.

Did you intend on your childhood hobby became a passion as such? if so do you see it becoming a profession?

K.J: It wasn’t a childhood hobby per say. I didn’t initially think this hobby would develop into a profession however it’s what I’m now studying in the university currently

What are your plans for your future photography wise?

K.J: Well already I have a studio named “Alté Studios” In VI.
I’m also going to continue focusing on events photography, and I do videos as well.

So what was your experience at The Lemon Curd this year? How was it?

K.J: I think it was nicely set up .the initiative is fantastic. The best of its kind in Lagos so far. Working as well, connecting with other photographers was a good networking event for me.

What do you think can be done to better the experience?

K.J: More artists and more talents.
It’s not only about the music and dance. People want to showcase arts also people are in other parts of the country that would love to participate. This would then require a larger venue.

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“Insidia” a Latin word for deceit or treachery.

My piece captures the modern interpretation of emotions. Nowadays having feelings is considered as weak. As not having “balls” whereas the main purpose of us being human is our ability to feel. I have tried to capture these emotions in my best light and hope that people who view my work will also be able to feel the same emotions as I, because our emotions are truths, not deceit. –


by Aminu, a 17-year-old graphic artist and a photographer. Currently schooling in Babcock university a commercial graphic designer but I always make time for my personal projects.

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