A Song To The Mother Earth

Brother mine
The clouds are gathering
Their clan meeting has come
In the face of the sky
We bore our pain daily
Uttering no words
Through our sunburnt lips
As none shows us empathy
It all became
Too much to bear
Mother Earth has proven blind
But damned if she has no ears
Our soulful cry rose
Cascading lakes from our eyes
Then did the sky rumble
As the belly of an indigent dreaming of choice meals
Ripping itself apart
Shedding tears with us
That day we knew the earth was blind
But not hard of hearing
So our pain we gave a song
Till our burden lightened
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I was trapped in a cage made of thorns

And every slight movement made the thorns cut deep into my skin

The sight of my blood nauseated me

But the pain that came along with it was something I was familiar with

So I stayed

Despite the fact that all I needed was a slight push to open the cage door

I stayed

Because the pain from opening the door

Was more than staying inside

I stayed

Because I loved the pain

I stayed

Because I felt it was my punishment, I felt I deserved it

I stayed

Because no where else would have felt like home.



I was out of the cage, but I still slept next to it, I came back everyday to clean it

It would pierce more into my skin, but still I would clean it

Sometimes I would cry from the pain

Yet I would do this everyday

One evening,

I went wandering in the forest and I met a stranger – a man

It was very dark, and he could barely see my rough face

But I could see each detail of his so perfectly, and in his eyes I saw – hope, sincerity and love

He seemed like the light that my dark life needed

I felt safe with him

But night fell

And I had to return to my cage.



This man became my friend

With him, I felt no pain

I didn’t need to be careful of getting hurt

I didn’t need to cry

Because all he brought was happiness

And each day that passed by

Made me realize

That home was where your heart felt happy 

Not where you’ve gotten used to staying in



I no longer visit the cage

And although it misses pricking my skin

I no longer have a reason to return to it

This stranger has become my lover

And in his warmth, I found a new home

He taught me that love is not a cage

Love is neither pain nor a punishment

With his pen, he dressed my wounds and healed my sores

With his lips, he painted beautiful pictures from my head to my toes

The gratitude I owe him is incomprehensible

For freeing me my bondage

For saving me from my pain

For showing me that it’s okay to love again

For reminding me that I can still be loved.

And for that

I owe him

My heart

My love

My loyalty.

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