Art by @olu_bisileko


Swallowed a fly the other night
A vain attempt to prove might
She never died
Lodged in me
Engaged in an internal brawl
Now seeks she vengeance
Now seeks she expression
A life for a life
A soul for a soul

Parasitic it seems
Symbiotic it seems
Now I’m sick
Now word I puke
My hands bound to the quill

From Helios to Selene
My days are no longer mine
As I give it all to her
Guessed yet her name?

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Bittersweet by @Ikeoluwa_O


For thousands of nights
I’ve searched
Searched for you in the depths of others
But I have searched in vain

I love and loathe you
And have been bruised and loved by you
But my very being still longs for you
Longs for your touch
But reality has proven that my wishes cannot be granted
So I continue to love you from afar
And search in all the depths of hell
Until I find your love

by Ikeoluwa Odunjo

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