Note To Self

2017-02-17 18.03.28

To my brain,
prodigy, mastermind,
stay intelligent and witty,
detest imbecility, insensitivity, ignorance,
lest retardation entwines you.

To my strong willed heart,
stay firm, solid,
let not sour words cuddled with rot
tear you apart.

To my hands,
an altruist, giver of warm embraces,
the center of penmanship,
poetize, connect with the soul,
discover the weaknesses of the world,
formulate elucidation, unravel truths.

To my feet,
ever efficient transporter,
walk in grace, scroll in glory,
dwell in prominence and nobility,
in the footwear of illustriousness
and morality.

Note to self, remain chivalrous,
trust in the Maker in every situation,
cast your cares on Him.

Appreciate your allies, tolerate your
like a star, be radiant,
love yourself through challenges,
remain the amazing YOU.

by Stephanie Anene

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Art by @olu_bisileko


Swallowed a fly the other night
A vain attempt to prove might
She never died
Lodged in me
Engaged in an internal brawl
Now seeks she vengeance
Now seeks she expression
A life for a life
A soul for a soul

Parasitic it seems
Symbiotic it seems
Now I’m sick
Now word I puke
My hands bound to the quill

From Helios to Selene
My days are no longer mine
As I give it all to her
Guessed yet her name?

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