‘Kissing’ by Wendy Mekwunye

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As he leaned in to kiss me
All I could think of at that point was how his lips would taste
Mhmm… he tasted like strawberries
He kissed me tenderly and quite frankly very slowly
As if trying to relish every moment of the kiss
I was fascinated at how the shape of his lips fit perfectly with mine
Our tongues dancing in an erotic way
He decided to explore
Planting soft kisses on my neck
I wanted more, I needed more
His mouth tenderly pressed against my neck
Electric shocks soared through my body as he started licking, sucking and slightly nibbling on my neck
An involuntary moan escaped from my lips
My heart racing
My body craving more
…Craving an evening of sensual bliss
I was in a state of euphoria with just one kiss
I pulled away
Looking at his pink and slightly swollen lips
I unconsciously start licking my lips in an aim to re-taste him

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Kiss of forgiveness by Maria Makki

It wasn’t like I’d never been kissed before, but I’d never had a guy really look at me with such seriousness, the entirety of his attention of the void between us.

He pressed his lips to mine, a silent question. His dissonance drifted around me, like fairy dust, heightening my senses, and I leant in and answered with my own kiss, my fingers clutching his shirt.

The air seemed warmer, but it was not the air; it was him pulling me closer, and my blood thrilled the way it did when I first saw him, so much fire and mystery.

An illusion, I said to myself, a dream. But he felt real, no, he was real. Totally solid and strong, and as he wrapped his arms around me, awakening my body to his touch, my world began to spin.

I felt free in his arms, free to explore every nook and cranny of him, to feel and memorise every inch of his face as my hands moved all over him, lingering at a spot and moving to the next.

He had begged for entrance into my mouth and I had given him. And suddenly, I felt a zap of passion, like I had just been set aflame, the fervour and the zeal he put into devouring my mouth. He had once called it an entry into my soul and now he was adoringly taking possession of it.

Again, his lips pressed tightly against mine, too forced, as if he expected this kiss to be our last and wanted to savour it for eternity. His lips were smooth, supple. His bottom lip pursed tightly over mine.
His hands caressed my neck, slowing sliding up to my flushed cheek. The hand was cool at first until it made its way to my cheek. After that, all I felt was the intense warmth radiating off my skin.

It was magic, the way his lips connected with mine. It was right, and somehow, among all of the dizziness and the clinging to him like a lifeline, something inside me changed, never to be reversed. This new feeling could be dwelled upon later, because, for now, I was content to feel his breath come and go with mine.

– Praise Oluwarinu

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