Too Bad by Chimzy


Chimzy is an upcoming Nigerian artiste based in Blacksburg, Virginia. His preferred genre is mellow Afro-Pop and he is well known for his previous songs such as ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘Pretty Girl’ and his feature on Psycho’s Ep ‘Lost in the Sauce’ which dropped late last year.

Chimzy has just released his second single titled ‘Too Bad’, which has a catchy and cool vibe, making the song enjoyable. He has also let Lucid Lemons know that there is much to expect from him this year, in terms of music, and it is evident that it’s only up for him from here.

Listen to Too Bad below:

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The Last Stroke

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I can’t understand what I am doing here. The eyes staring back at me as I look up are mine, yet so unfamiliar. There I was, sweat dripping down my face, hips thrusting furiously of their own accord, above this young lady half my age. Her moans rose up from her equally sweat-covered body, inciting my hips to continue moving into her. I look down to her face, which is in the throes of a huge orgasm, and note as my hips instinctively pick up speed. What am I doing here?

My eyes catch the plush teddy bear that we had pushed away from the bed to do this. My little girl had one just like that; large, brown and fuzzy. I wasn’t supposed to be here. My wife didn’t deserve the late nights, hidden expenses and cold words that I now gave her. My little girl… God, I shouldn’t be here. I love my wife and my kid, but I couldn’t control myself. This wasn’t the first time. I had been caught before and then, a few tears had let me off the hook; bought me time. Now, I was my own judge and jury. I was guilty. This would be the last time; I was making a clean slate after this. I just need to bust this nut.

I hear the vibrations start from her core and end as a loud scream. The scream makes me feel proud. Just as I feel my seed begin to sow, I feel something grip my heart and stop my hips’ motion. She is still vibrating underneath me and hasn’t noticed my dearth of movement. I hear a pop in my head and feel my arm give way, my weight begin to crush her. The cynic in me, quick to mock me, reminds me of the pride goes before a fall saying as I feel myself dropping. So this is how it ends? I guess there’s such a thing as too late.


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