Existence by @fizzytunde

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As invincible as the air
So is the soul
Under no one’s care 

Unexplainable is my pre-existence
Though my breath depends on a drop
But the MAKER hold sway over my subsistence
Through various stages as I develop

Peacefully enclosed I am in a hollow
Fully metamorphosed for what follows
Oblivious of what awaits me upon my delivery
Suddenly a burst puts me in a wallow 

This could be a sign of the appointed day of doom
As a strange force puts me through my first taste of gloom
My MAKER will now decide my existence at this time of loom

by Abdulhafeez Alawonde

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Five Shades of Pain by @olu_bisileko


My pain’s a gash on my skin

Bleeding all the way

My quill I dip in its ink

Crafting words away

My pain’s a ghoul

Screaming down the hall

Shape-shifting marauder

Scaring me to death

My pain’s a fear

Lodged deep in my soul

Waking me in darkness

Furious pounding heart

My pain’s a girl

Not looking my way

Love invested in gazillions

Naught received in kind

My pain’s a voice

Shrill in my ears

Terror-filled in its cadence

And I know not from where.


by Adeyemi-Bisileko Gboyega

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