Princess Okoh Talks Life, Music, And #WomanEP + Visuals


In preparation for her new EP, I caught up with Princess Okoh—the 19-year old singer who officially debuted in 2015 with the soulful hit “Heartless” and then launched her well received EP Dear Cupid—to get to know more about the person behind the music, the girl behind the words, the woman behind the voice. We spoke about a variety of topics, ranging from the deeply personal, to the somewhat irrelevant.


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Princess Onyinye Okoh. I am a 19 year old Nigerian singer and writer  from Delta State but I grew up in Lagos. I am a law student at the University of Nottingham in my final year.


Who is your life inspiration?

My mother.


How would you describe the relationship of your parents with your music?

My dad was extremely supportive of my music and I’m sure he’d have been so proud of what I’m doing now. My mum has always been a bit reluctant because she didn’t want me to be distracted or lose focus, but she’s slowly catching on.


Who is your music inspiration?

I have SO many, like the list is endless. But I’d say Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Omawumi, Luther Vandross, Alicia Keys, Banky W, and Emeli Sande.


Your last compilation was Dear Cupid, tell us a bit about that.

Dear Cupid was a collaborative EP with Moyo Fuga. It was made up of 3 songs which were about different things relating to love and relationships, hence the title. We literally recorded the whole thing in a weekend, it was absolutely amazing to create and I really enjoyed working with Moyo. Even though the reception wasn’t like what I had hoped, I was really happy that people enjoyed it.


In what ways have you grown since then?

I’ve grown immensely since then, in terms of my sound and lyrics. I’ve become very experimental with the music I make and I’m really excited for you guys to hear it!


Tell us about the forthcoming project, and how this growth ties in.

“Woman” is my first solo EP and I’ve been working on it for about two years. It’s been the most wonderful, stressful, exhausting and hands down hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life but I’m certain it’ll be worth it. Woman has been a personal stretch for me, I’ve had to explore genres and speak on issues I usually wouldn’t but it’s been an enjoyable process and I’m very sure the listeners will appreciate the growth and the effort put into it.


What do you aim to achieve with this project, both musically and commercially?

Really and truly, at the very top of my list, I aim to inspire someone. Putting out “Woman” is such a bold step for me, it’s almost like giving people a preview to my life and my experiences, so I really want people to be able to relate to the songs and feel what I was feeling when I created it. I also hope that the EP will bring my highest number of plays, but as long as people are inspired, I’m fulfilled.


What are your thoughts on the new age of Nigerian creatives? How do you think we can rise from a catchphrase to the main event?

I’m a huge supporter of the “New Age” movement. Although I feel the phrase is used a bit too much and mostly out of place, but I’m 100% here for supporting creatives of all sort. To be honest, nothing comes easy and overnight, creatives just need to keep doing what they do, one day it’ll be their turn to be in the limelight.


You have the power to change one thing about the music industry, to make it better, what change would you consider the most effective to make?

The pressure put on artistes by labels and fans to release music ever so often. I really hate that and it’s one of my biggest fears for when I “blow”. I know how inconsistent my creative process and how hard it’ll be for me to put out “quality” music ever so often, and the truth is, a lot of the big artistes out there are just like me.


Now for the big question, did you like Daddy Yo? and bigger still, Davido or Wizkid?

Daddy Yo didn’t really catch on me at first, but after a few listens – Issa JAM!. Wizkid all the way, I’m offended you’d even compare.


50 years from now, you look back at your life, what’s your greatest achievement?

50 years, wow. I want to be a living legend. I want to be one of the biggest people in the entertainment industry, reaping the fruits of my labour and receiving lifetime accomplishment awards.


What’s been your greatest achievement so far?

I actually haven’t thought about this, probably having my song starred on the Nigerian series “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.


What’s been your lowest moment?

I’ve had many, but losing my dad was probably the lowest one.


On those bad days where the strength to carry on making music is almost nonexistent? How do you get through it.

Days like that are horrible. I always get through it by reminding myself why I started and how therapeutic it is for me to express myself through my music. Talking to friends and supporters of my music also helps me.


If your life was a movie, which would it be?

I actually can’t say. I’m not really a movie person.


In high school, where did you fit in?

I had different stages to be honest. Most of junior secondary school, I was just loud and bitter, so I wasn’t really part of the “popular” people. But moving schools towards the end of my senior year, I began to care less about being ‘popular’ or ‘cool’ and I started to really discover myself and, ironically, that’s when I started getting popular.


If there was no applause, no criticism, no fear of poverty, who would you be?

Honestly, I would just keep being who I am and doing the things I do.


I’m looking forward to the Woman EP which drops soon.

Below are visuals which give a little more insight on what to expect from Princess’ EP, please check it out:

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Bobson talks Background, Music & forthcoming EP.


I’m sure if there’s one song you remember from summer, it’s definitely Bobson’s ‘Vibe with Me’. With over 21,000 plays on Soundcloud and the official video having over 14K views, Bobson has made quite a statement and has let everyone know that he isn’t here to play games and he is ready to take on the industry. In this interview, Bobson (also known as ‘Famous Bobson’ or ‘Famous’) tells Lucid Lemons about his background, music and future plans.


  • Hello Bobson. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Bobson: My name is Bobson Iyovwaye and I am 20 years old, and the first child of three. I am Nigerian, an Urhobo man from Delta State to be precise. I grew up in Warri in Delta where I lived for most of my life, but currently, I live in Lagos State.


  • Did you also school in Warri? And currently, where do you school and what do you study?

Bobson: No, I schooled in Faith Academy in Ogun State, and as well as Westminster College in Lagos. I also attended Babcock University, Ogun State. I am currently in Bells University, studying International Business.


  • Do you have any plans to further a career in International Business?

Bobson: Not really, but my family has an Oil and Gas business and I do intend to be a part of it.


  • Would you say the schools you’ve been to have influenced your music or sound in any way?

Bobson: Definitely, I mostly write about true life situations and so a lot of the experiences I encountered in high school reflected in my music. My current university has also been a major impact. The environment and the people have influenced my sound and growth a great deal.


  • Growing up, who were some of the musicians you listened to?

Bobson: Kool and the Gang. My dad played their music a lot and so I would spend most of my time listening and understanding their style.


  • Would you say you had a musical background?

Bobson: No, I did not have a musical background


  • How and when did you start making music?

Bobson: I started in 2013, I recorded my first song titled ‘Life of a Loner’


  • How was the reception of this song? How do you feel listening to it now?

Bobson: The reception was alright because most of the listeners were my friends. Listening to the song now seems like I was confused back then. I was clearly just playing around.


  • So when will you say music became really serious for you?

Bobson: I’d say 2016 when I released ‘Vibe With Me’ featuring Ozone.


  • What are some of the key things that have changed from your first song and now?

Bobson: There have been a lot of changes – my sound, delivery, content, listeners and maturity.


  • What would you say is your most popular song right now?

Bobson: Definitely ‘Vibe with Me’. It really exposed me to a whole different crowd. Before that, my listeners were mostly my friends and school mates, but Vibe with Me got me recognition all around, even in places I had never been. It also got me a lot of shows and performances.


  • Which song have you most enjoyed recording so far?

Bobson: Definitely ‘No Time’ because it was an easy vibe.  I met up with David Meli, Marv and Aaron in Huddersfield, England. We were all vibing and I recorded in less than 2 hours.


  • What was it like making your first music video? Did you have any major challenges?

Bobson: It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was so hard looking for funds and setting up the whole thing. I had to shoot for 2 days and it was really stressful, but I thank God it came out successful in the end.


  • Who are some of the best artistes and producers you have worked with?

Bobson: The best artiste so far will be Ozone, and the best producer is Minz.


  • How would you currently describe your style of music?

Bobson: I’d describe my music as one that gives off a happy vibe, and it mostly reflects my mood majority of the time, which is happy and playful.


  • What inspires your music/sound?

Bobson: Real life stories mainly. For example ‘Vibe with Me’ was based on what happened in my previous relationship, and also ‘No Time’ just basically expresses how I was feeling at the time.


  • What would you say has been your biggest challenge so far?

Bobson: It definitely has to be combining school and music.


  • What would you say has been the highlight of your career?

Bobson: Getting to perform in Birmingham.


  • Is your family supportive of your music?

Bobson: My mother is my biggest fan, still waiting for my dad’s support though.


  • So you just dropped a new single ‘Move On’ featuring Minz & David Meli. How has the reception been so far?

Bobson: Really massive actually and by far the fastest plays I have ever had. It’s not even been a month and it has over 14.5k plays on Soundcloud. It usually takes my songs 2 to 3 months to reach that.


  • What do you think might be the reason for the massive response?

Bobson: I would say it’s because of how good the song is, and possibly because of how consistent I have become. People are starting to respect the new school guys and they’re paying us attention now. So it’s normal to see the support being bigger than before.


  • So do we see another video coming in the future? You promised us a video for ‘No Time’ and we’re still awaiting it.

Bobson: Definitely, the ‘No Time’ video is coming, directed by TG Omoriviews. Watch out for that!


  • And we saw you tweeting about a potential name for an EP you’re working on, what can you tell us about this?

Bobson: The only thing I can say is that it’s about my love life.


  • The whole EP?

Bobson: So far, it’s looking so. But it’s still too early to tell.


  • Where do we expect to see yourself in the next 10 years?

Bobson: Working for my Dad or doing some sort of business.


  • Besides music, are there any other things to expect from you in the future? Any other areas you plan on going into?

Bobson: Besides music, I’d say acting. I feel I could play a pretty good character.


  • Popular artiste you’d love to work with in the future?

Bobson: I’d love to work with Davido. He’s my favourite.


  • Are you currently in a relationship or single?

Bobson: I’m in a relationship with music lol.


  • What advice would you give to anyone who’s faced some of the challenges you faced coming into the music industry?

Bobson: Set up a plan, have good friends to see your dreams come true, pray to God and believe everything is settled.


Check out Bobson’s new song – ‘Move On’:


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