An Odd Love Story


14th February, 2014.
Valentine’s day, The sun shone boldly, showing off it’s nakedness with pride; for all to look away and be resentful. It was a highly anticipated day, the euphoria of the people promised everyone that this was to be a day of smiles, laughter, togetherness, fun, kisses, gliding and sliding. Every body walked in groups, a bland mixture of both female and male counterparts. Love was in the air, you couldn’t help but inhale. As if to add to the romance of the day, it was Joyo and Boa’s 2 year anniversary- an occasion Boa spent the previous month preparing for. Then they canceled all plans for the day and ended up agreeing to spend the holiday together at home, watching movies, eating, gliding and sliding.

During the day, it turned out to be very mundane. The movies were boring and the excitement that surrounded the day died faster than Sean Bean in every movie he has been in. While scrambling around the internet, Boa stumbled on a story in a blog(quite cliché really), it was a story of a man whose wife filed for a divorce after he lost his eyesight. The story failed to fascinate Boa too, until, she began to linger in thought. She was in thought for a while and then, she asked with a sharp voice, “Joyo, why do you smile whenever I talk to you? why am I special to you? why do you never say no?” Joyo, understandably caught off-guard, mumbled gibberish words Boa could not make out.

“Why do you love me?” She asked frustratedly.

He paused again, his eyes looking straight at her, squinting.

A sudden chill in the atmosphere. Joyo looked to be in search for words to say, particular letters to answer Boa’s question. Then he made a sigh of relief because finally, the words had come.

“He must have captured the right sentences to use,” Boa thought.
He began, “your eyes, your smile, your hair, your posture, your scent, your voice, your lips-” He went on, naming every single body part he could see on Boa as Ed sheeran’s thinking out loud played in the background.

Soothing words, lovely words, like he was reading them off a pre-written manuscript. Boa couldn’t help but smile; she liked the words, they tasted sweet. Hearing those words come out of Joyo’s mouth created a warmth in Boa’s chest.

She could feel the spread of goosebumps from her head to her feet as he ended his recitals with, “I just love you.” as he reached for  her hands.

Boa could feel warm tears assemble in her eyes. At that moment, she was ready to do anything for her Joyo, anything to the limit of her strength. Boa kissed Joyo and returned to her phone. Joyo smiled, he always had the right answers.

All seemed good for sometime, until a thought visited Boa again. It wasn’t sudden, more like processed because it went through a journey before it got here, inspired from that haunting story- The blind man. “I can’t Blame his wife, I was actually impressed she could stay with him for 12 years after his accident.” She thought to herself. The thought of the Man’s situation led to another and to another and to another, until she ended up at this thought that asked a question she could no longer answer herself, something she was scared to ask.

This question was based on probabilities.

She decided to ask Joyo, he would know the answer, he always has an answer. She asked again,
“What if hypothetically, I had been involved in a serious accident, an accident that severely injured me-” She stopped to look into his eyes.
“The eyes I have that you say could be mistaken for rubies being blinded, the smile you love being hindered by my deformity, the long dark hair being burnt off, the posture being dissembled by crutches and a loss of balance; the sweet scent being masked by the stench of medicines and ointments, the voice being obliterated by moans and whines of pain. My lips blotted with unappealing colours, and I look pitiful and sad.”

“With all these destroyed and gone, would you still hold my hand proudly? would you still smile at me whenever our eyes meet each other? would you still call me lovely nicknames?would you still show my pictures off proudly? would you still try to make me laugh, even, if the jokes are corny? would you still tickle me when i refuse to laugh? would you still listen to me? would you still care? would you still love me? would I still love me?”

Joyo looked stunned. He kept mute, what could he say? he couldn’t lie. He didn’t want to lie. What could he say?

Joyo didn’t reply, leaving Boa anticipating. He turned to his phone. Joyo finally didn’t have an answer for the first time.
Boa never got an answer, and She never asked the question ever again.

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Falling In Love

is like finally seeing color

after years in black and white.

It is

the vibrance of red

the calm of blue

the shock of yellow

after a lifetime of monotony.


Falling in requited love

is an exchange of hearts

a sharing of emotions

an entwining of existences.

It is

giving your all

giving away everything

and still feeling whole

because you got the world in return.


Love is many things for many people. For me, it is:


The tears of joy

wide, uncontrollable smiles

sparks turning  my skin to a dance floor.


The aching emptiness when she’s away

the flames in my harmattan-hot heart

not being extinguished

by the winds of distance.


Being thankful for the last girl

because what I had with her

what I would’ve eventually called love

was too pale

too flaccid

to be called love.


My heart swelling

with every word she speaks

and falling

with every tear shed.



that what I have

is what i need

and all I want.

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