Living With Someone With a Mental illness

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Mental Health America defines mental illness as a disease that causes mild to severe disturbances in thought and or behavior resulting in an inability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines. Mental disorders range from the more common mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, to anxiety disorders such as phobias and panic disorders to the more seemingly severe psychotic Disorders under which schizophrenia and delusional disorders are classified.  

I personally have never lived with someone with a mental disorder (knowingly as least). While researchers and mental health professionals worldwide have focused on making life easier for those living with mental disorders, I believe we must also pay attention to the ways relatives and loved ones who care for people with mental disorders are affected. 

A study carried out in two predominantly rural areas in Ghana looked at the experience of caregivers of people living with serious mental disorders. Caregivers reported emotional distress, stigma, financial burden, lack of support networks, social exclusion and absence of decentralized mental health services. In Ghana, and other developing countries, coping strategies employed by caregivers include a sometimes fatal hope in a cure or faith in religious prayers. 

We must also look at the long-lasting effects on family members who live with a parent, sibling or child who has a mental disorder. Parents play a major role in the lives of their children with mental disorders. Generally, parents notice any changes in their children’s behavior before anyone else does and in the event that their child has a mood disorder or even a developmental disorder such as autism, any form of detachment from their parent due to lack of knowledge on the issue can severely impact future outcomes. 

Children are equally impacted by a parent who has a mental disorder. In the absence of social integration, support and reliable information on mental health, children are left in the dark with little to no understanding of what their parent or sibling is living with despite their desire to help. Not being able to share their experiences with others, children develop a fear and mistrust for others carrying on into adulthood. 

With all that has been said,it must be highlighted that when living with someone with a mental disorder, it is important to learn about the illness and also to look after your mental state as much as you do for your loved one or client in the case of professional caregivers. 

Finally, studies have shown that mental illnesses do run in families. However, they are influenced by environmental factors as much as they are genetically inclined, just like many other diseases. As much as they may need it, not everyone will want professional help. Being patient and supportive may just do the trick.

For more information on living with someone with a mental illness you can go to this link —

There are various support groups online and in your community, you are not alone!


By Funmilade Adeniyi-Taiwo( @ftaiwo on twitter).

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Our Current Nigeria

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The constant hidden disagreement of a constipated system will end up revolting and targeting crippled areas ,
The desire to succeed is outweighed by the desire for riches
The desire for prosperity
The bus stops of selflessness are passed by the drivers
Those sworn to drive our nation along the roads of prosperity
Our generation is divided not only by difference and unequal interest but the constant relevance and continuos and rising quarrels between the mennist and feminist, the constant arguments between the various tribes, the unprecedented form of corruption.
The countless opportunities given to Nigeria as a county has been happily looked upon just for the sole purpose of embezzlement and deprivation of those living without any ties to the rich and powerful.
Now the catastrophic development of Nigeria as a nation exposes the main aim for the support of colonialism, the greediness with which the country is ruled reeks of sadness too our outside allies, but then they stay because they swore to help.
The power faction is not only filled with belligerent old men but also young ones who build their characters on their mentors with their heads filled with greed, oppositional wars, profit making, blackmail, bribery and corruption.
The average individual with his mind set built on success dropping patriotism, value, common sense, his roots, most cases family
Evil oozing from the hearts of those that have been forgotten

Violence the order of the day
Stalled vehicular movement
Every man moving, thinking, struggling to make it through the day

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