The Sublime: A Short Film by Ajay Abalaka

The Sublime: A Short Film by Ajay Abalaka

Solitude is myself and the sublime,

in the sublime,

where you hear my heart cry

This is the first short film by Ajay Abalaka, a budding Filmmaker, Photographer and Writer. She captures not only what it means to be introverted, but also adds to the beauty of it. The Sublime, starring Tracy Adjei and voice over by Colleen Laurent,  is a capsule of aesthetics and poetry- an aid and companion to the viewer as we join our protagonist on her search for a safe place to an unexpected end.

The film feels slow, a drawn out journey that is undoubtedly a reflection of our character’s experience, and the title is befitting of its ambience. The narration is our guide and we are offered a range of emotions she goes through, coupled with a broken heart. We are given an inkling of where she is coming from and what she is seeking. Something further highlighted by the Director in her note:

“I have tried to narrate what it feels like living in utopia and also, one of the many things that come with trying to find a safe place in a bittersweet world, where there seems to be no hope for emotional recovery.”

There is a delight to be found in the colourful imagery as the simplicity of it all overshadows an otherwise complex situation. This seems to be a reflection of Ajay herself or her style, as one goes through her Instagram. Ajay is a great photographer with a gifted eye for finding beauty in simplicity, which she has incorporated into her filmmaking. ‘The Sublime’ is a promise of what is to come and we look forward to seeing more of her work soon.

Sublime, this is what I live for

Ocean blue, make me full

Still water, calm my soul

Waves make me think out loud, but slow.

Watch ‘The Sublime’ below.

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