Sisters Of Light (Short Story)

sun and moon in eclipse

Sisters Of Light (Short Story)

Tales of the sun and the moon have been told for thousands of years, all of which reaffirms the point that the sun rules the day and the moon rules the night. Very few, however, try to tell of what happened before this time, for only a minuscule portion of the few that tell of these stories know the origin story.

The tale of the sun and the moon is one of beautiful tragedy, ridden with love and sacrifice. Two entities bound to be apart unless on those rare occasions when the stars align.

A heck of a long time ago, before everything that is was, what we have come to know as the sun and the moon were a part of one entity with nothing to divide them, existing in total harmony with each other, unable to tell themselves apart, for sisters they were. It is unclear to us as to how much time had passed, for in this great past, there was no definition of time or space, for all was void. And then came the event that began the expansion of the greater entity we have come to regard as the universe, the big bang

During this phenomenal event, while the universe grew larger but before the advent of life, the entity that encapsulated the sisters was torn apart, and from the debris of this carnage arose the consciousness of the entity we have come to regard as the sun. Some may find the  concept of a sun that possesses its own consciousness as absurd and so before we go on, it is important to address that it is naive to think of our existence as the only one worthy of experiencing itself, for what is consciousness other than the ability to experience one’s existence as opposed to just existing.

Every level of existence has embedded in it, its own form of consciousness

Awoken to this consciousness, the sun was immediately aware that it was missing a huge part of its existence. Over a thousand centuries were spent searching for the lost sister, but with no success, until one day when a meteor struck an entity, we have come to regard as earth.

To the delight of the sun, encased within the earth was the sister whom she had spent centuries searching, and from the impact of the blow to earth, the entity we regard as the moon was freed into its independent existence. Both sisters, after being separated for an eternity were elated to finally be together.

Overcome by an intense joy and a deep appreciation for the baby (earth) that brought them together, the sisters decided help it grow and preserve life. But this would be at a great sacrifice.

To watch over their baby and help it foster life, the sisters would have to be apart for hundred  or in some cases thousands of years until the phenomenon which we call an eclipse occurred, sending one sister in front of the other, just so they could be together for that little moment.

Spending thousands of centuries altering the atmosphere and topography via heating and cooling, the baby was able to grow life and has ever since been able to preserve that life, and thus the concept of night and day was formed.

The sun and the moon, sisters of light.

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