Stone Verses

Stone Verses

Stone the market thieves 

Peddling pipe dreams 

Dilating mad escapades 

Time is money 

See them passing the money

All for a piece of time traveling 

Why are they stealing the future? 

Stone is a wandering soul 

The quintessential rolling stone 

It says chalé I get one roll 

Make we go back go po 

This life na go slow 

An na roun roun time just dey go

Shebi na when we die who no know go know 

Stone and another stone

Rubbing minds together 

Spark a light 

Catch the vibe 

Burn the time 

Ash is grey 

But what of the dark? 

Stone na my heart 

The blood don go my eyes 

When I’m bored with my hands

These buds na my legs

Me I trust few thoughts for my head 

Talk less of talk wey dey comot for mouth 

Who wan feel your pain sef wen e dey deep in your gut 


by Alexander Oyeniyi

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