#MoistPlaces: Slice

#MoistPlaces: Slice

Hello and welcome to another edition of #MoistPlaces! The first piece called ‘Tattoo’ debuted on the 19th of June. You can read it here: http://www.lucidlemons.com/tattoo/ 

The artworks for this piece and Tattoo were done by the awesome Bidemi Tata, you can find him on all social media with that name! Here’s a lucid link to him, http://www.lucidlemons.com/author/bidemi-tata/

You’re welcome!

Today’s piece is titled ‘SLICE’


  • a thin, flat piece cut from something
  • to cut through or cleave with or as if with a knife
  • a part, portion, or share


You say you are thin now

All your bones showing

All your beautiful fat sliced away by Nigeria

My lover is as skinny as Mariah Carey.


Your mind is sharp

Like a bullet, like a knife

Going straight through me

Killing me with pleasure.


You are whole but your entire life

They have tried to carve you

Into smaller parts, uneven portions

You are resilient. Weathered but still whole.

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