Send dat to me! [flame emoji]

Send dat to me! [flame emoji]

By now all those who raised their eyebrows at the influx of young upcoming artists and producers are probably twisting their necks in disbelief at the quality of sound coming out from DIY studios of daytime law students that turn into beatmasters come sunset. From the incredible talent exhibited by a collective of producers, otherwise known as 80sounds, responsible for hits like ‘Situationship’ by Odunsi featuring AYLØ and Mafeni’s latest drop ‘Treat U Right’, to Fasina’s very own Timbaland Trimz Beatz, young producers are shaking up the industry with more diverse and experimental sounds and even Wizkid can’t deny he’s impressed.

Jaylon’s somewhat overnight success can be attributed to hardwork, dedication and a little bit of luck. Upnext was able to acquire exclusive information from the man with the midas touch himself where he confirmed that he would be releasing his new project very soon. Jaylon’s story is a truly inspiring one for budding producers nationwide. 

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Watch this interview with Jayolon and UpNext blog!

Recently Jaylon just put out a dope track, ‘8-54’ featuring PsychoYP & Marv OTM. You’ve gotta check it out now.

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