$B Vibes

$B Vibes

Somiebi Ben-Willie a 17-year-old rapping out of boarding school in the UK.

“In my family, we’ve always had a passion for music, so when I was 8 I started off playing the piano, I later got involved with my school choir. Rapping actually came to me at the age of 14. It’s amazing how my inspirations are people such as Ka$h and at the same time artists like Tory Lanez, Eric Bellinger, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and New Edition. I am signed to BMN Entertainment Group, who also manage me with my music.
I started off as a rapper but my sound has evolved since my first single into ‘R&B Fusion’, inspired by the artists mentioned above and afrobeats. The producers behind most of my music are; Oto, M60, MYV, and KD, and other producers online.”
He recently dropped a video for his latest song ‘Selena’.

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