Review – Life Of Fatima by DJ Yin

Review – Life Of Fatima by DJ Yin

A few days ago, DJ Yin surprised us with a birthday present, dropping this succinct project seemingly out of the blue. Being an avid DJ Yin stan, I wasted no time in giving the project a listen. It’s no exaggeration to say that I wasn’t prepared for what lay in wait for my ears. It took a few listens for me to be sure of what I feel and even now, those feelings and thoughts haven’t fully set.

Life Of Fatima begins with Sora, a relaxed romp that has DJ Yin‘s distinct light voice floating above stuttering guitars, horns, and a simple percussion-driven beat. The melodies are also simple but effective, allowing wonderfully engineered ad-libs and harmonies fill out the wavy soundscape. My only gripe with the song happens to be its length. It appears to wind down to its natural end at a point, but then it continues for another minute or so and it makes it feel longer than it actually is.

Currency fades in with a groovy Fela sample that I can’t quite place. It sets the mood instantly while DJ Yin introduces us to how warming dollars can be. The kicks jump in and add an extra flavor to the drum pattern. The way the track is engineered makes it feel almost dreamlike. I wish there had been a bit of a funky breakdown or variation in the backbeat, as you would usually expect of that genre of music.

Jealousy begins with a web of samples as well. They weave in and out of each other over a banging 808 and very trapish drums. The vocals here are also very reminiscent of a trance, sounding filtered and almost distant. The song is light on lyrics but it is definitely an experience for the ears as the various samples slide around your ears. I love that there’s an almost-rap break in here that shows a different flow in DJ Yin‘s repertoire.

Close To Me features very simple instrumentation and drums but they get your feet tapping almost instantly. The chorus has this wonderfully catchy pop sensibility that sticks it in your head right away. I love what DJ Yin has done with this track vocally; the melody is so simple and effectively contagious.

Lie To Me is our final track and it closes us out on a more somber offering. The stuttering synth and afro-tinged drums are the foundation for DJ Yin‘s delivery which subtly sells the emotion of the song. It’s not long or complex but it doesn’t need to be.


TL;DR: Life Of Fatima is an interesting project. The first takeaway is that Yin isn’t lying when she says “Banky, you crazy for this one”. The production by BankyOnDBeatz is captivating from tip to toe. While the individual instrumentals don’t vary too much within themselves, each track has its own distinct flavor and the range he displays through the project is commendable. DJ Yin delivers songs that are very unique. They’re not lyric heavy but they’re very distinct experiences, often giving memorable chunks to summarize the idea of each song. The project’s conceptual conceit of  “the feminine  journey” shine’s through in the subject matter and its allusion to different stages in relationships. I do wish some of the vocals were mixed more to the forefront but I can appreciate the creative decision to have her soft airy voice play among the instrumentals the way it does. Altogether, this musical marriage (hehe) of BankyOnDBeatz  and DJ Yin puts out versatile and effective work and I’m here for it. Listen to the project below and let me know how you feel about it.

Favorite Tracks: Sora & Close To Me

Least Favorite Track: Currency

Rating: 7/10

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