Quickfire Review: June 25th – July 1st

Quickfire Review: June 25th – July 1st

As we work on updating The Listening Sessions for a new season, we’ve started to get a backlog of submissions to bring to you guys. So, in the meantime, I decided to get some of them out in a rapid-fire format. So here are the tracks we have for this week:


I’ve always been a huge fan of Dan Onkar so I was excited about this track before I even hit play. Was I disappointed? No, I wasn’t. Not at all. I really like the simple beat, with its atmospheric instruments and the minimal reverbed drums. They lay a neat foundation for Dan Onkar’s unique and ear-catching voice to glide over. And that’s what I come to Dan Onkar for; smooth, dreamy melodic singing with poetic introspective lyrics. I’m actually really excited for what else he has in store for us.


TODAY ft. Odunsi & Zirra – Deejay Ricco

From the very first chord, this song had my attention. Then the drums came in with Odunsi’s voice and I fell in love. The vibe is so laid back, so chill, so warm and relaxing. Then after the beautiful 808s dropped, Zirra joined the fray and cemented this song as a must-have slow whine / bedroom tune. The third verse was a nice switch up from the RnB voices and rounded the song off wonderfully. Definitely want to hear this played near the end of summer house parties, if you know what I mean.


OMOLUABI ft. Jinmi Abduls & Tobi Sunmola – BankyOndBeatz

Banky truly is crazy for this beat. The live feel of the drums is wonderful and was custom-made for the silk that is Jinmi Abduls’ voice. Personally not the biggest fan of the rap verse, as I feel like it almost betrayed the vibe the song was setting for me. I like what he did still, and I admire what it sounds like they were going for but it didn’t gel too well for me. I still love hearing Tobi do his thing when I can. The song is still a wonderful listen.

It’s always a treat listening to good music in quick succession.

As we continue to perfect the forthcoming execution of The Listening Sessions, I’ll keep you guys up to date with some more Quickfire Reviews.

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