Poverty and All it’s Friends

Poverty and All it’s Friends

Poverty also known as “Owu” in Yoruba, “Ogbenyi” in Igbo, and “Tsiya” in Hausa.
Now let me take you on a journey…
Imagine you wake up in the morning, dreams were all sweet kinda like honey, you stretch and happily get off the bed,  excitement for the day that promises to be more alive than dead.
You sef go de feel yourself as you bath finish con de spray your Tom Ford pef, you go believe yourself as you put on your Lewin, as you standa for mirror front you go yan yourself say these boys no fit learn.
And this is all because your account is smiling, wealth is a friend who calls regularly, your salary is not the type that finishes on the Sunday of salary week, your carriage gan de make owu weak.
You wan chop brunch na to just run pancake delivery which awaits you as you get to your office, even at work the kind of your laughter you laugh reeks of such joy that scares owu the god away.
Shit your girl don’t even need to stress anymore, you send an uber to bring her over, if to say owu blow you, y’all would be on a long distance. Long distance in the same state, my nigga you fit no even get babe sef, Lagos State girls no de give poor man eye,  them no even see them to rate.My man, owu is an unforgiving tyrant, owu would make you sad at the end of the month when your hard earned salary can only fill one of your pockets…my brother and the pocket gan is not full, you chop gan na to say make you just know say you chop and not to make your belly full.
Owu would make you carry passengers on your way to work in the morning, they think you are being nice but them no know say na because you wan make everybody join money put fuel for car.
You can no longer afford drycleaner, your gen don spoil, so you fold your shirt under your pillow and hope to God your head is hard enough.

Owu would make you go on picture excursions to Rufus and bee, no be small thing. Somehow your salary finishes in the middle of the month, you wonder why, when it’s only food you’ve been eating, food from streets not even restaurants or KFC, you try to save cost and drive with no.. AC. Let’s say you even went out with your girl, my brother but na only cinema you been go na. Chai owu na bastard baby.
And it’s funny cause the next man thinks you are enjoying, they even call you baller, bolaji owu just smiles at them all, we are all friends  of owu.
At least life is simple and we are alive to smile with all our dimples, our poverty isn’t one of character and it’s only a phase, they are some of us who are poor where it matters the most. I mean they are so poor that they think they are rich.
And with that,  I end my…piece.
  • Ubaka Victor JSC
    Posted at 05:25h, 13 July Reply

    “Our poverty isn’t one if character… Its only a phase”….this is the predominant message I like to deduce from the piece.
    In stark contrast to the title suggesting poverty with friends, I like to think it really has no friend. If it does, then it applies to those who deny their poverty status by consciously perpetuating a false sense of wealth on the minds of others. And yes, they are balling even if they are not.
    Make no mistake, there’s a thin line in appearance composure and delusion. I think the latter is the thruwof the piece.
    The last two lines betray any consistency of interpretation which I do not expect, but agree with. But the issue is that I fail to understand whether the 2nd to d last line is metaphorical and the last line ordinary or whether both are metaphorical…

    Generally, the piece makes an inward journey in the thought process and actual circumstances that characterize living below the poverty belt. I believe though the persona is not living below the poverty belt because he still got his ride and there’s a measure of outward appearance not consonant with extreme poverty that the friends of the persona sees and calls him baller.
    In this case, society calls it PACKAGING…


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