Our Amazing Team


We all walk the streets and interact with people. We share with them our thoughts, art, fashion, music, and style. Sharing is and has always been a delicate part of our lives.So, why not take sharing from beyond our immediate world to the world beyond us?

Lucid Lemons is an e-platform for like minded young people to freely exchange views about any subject – issues that are important to us, including politics, socio-environmental and economic subjects.  The platform lets our creative work do most of the talking and provides us the opportunity to meet other like-minded young adults from across the globe, who have a passion for art, drama, music, poetry, the spoken word, photography, and dance. The world is a global village, and we aim to take advantage of any synergies we can create. We are confident that successful collaborations can be initiated through this interactive platform for the good of mankind, and ourselves of course!


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