One Side

One Side

I wore chains to sleep, call that black slave dreams
Black skins don’t matter, White things all banter
Change the dream into what it should be
Don’t say my mind is blank then cheat me for naivety
I matter, minds solid with the flow of black blood pumping in my veins, not red cause that only strains up in my eyez
My anger stares me in the face asking for a reply
It says; why do u subject me to this inferior life of abject torture, let me out of this dark space caged in your body.
My heart and mind hate and breed a nurtured resentment against how you treat my fellow skin.
I’m black and proud, rich and found with my thoughts, life, culture and self
Accept me for this, don’t torture me for that
I stand for this, but you white so you stand for that
Clearly that’s your hate but I’ll rather pick the figure eight than to use words that negate my belief as said by the acclaimed creator, Mandela thought me to accept myself and in that process accept you and your flaws but someday I’ll fight back, not physically but mentally which you will never surpass because the more you oppress my kind the smarter I become.
Black lives matter, and it’s not just for context but a way of life, attitude and long generational revolution.
I have a Martin Luther dream in Quavo chains.
I’m pro black!



by Eyez

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