One Dance Premiere- Meet the 2047 Collective

One Dance Premiere- Meet the 2047 Collective

Deoba, lead artist of the 2047 collective–a name that sounds like it was taken from a Bond movie; badass–serves the first slice of what is bound to be an interesting, intercontinental musical pie. ‘One Dance’ is the first single off the rappers’ forthcoming short film/EP Chillogy, which is expected to launch next month, and will feature various artistes and producers including Toronto-based singer Culture ’95 and Egyptian Art.

A euphonious blend of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Afrobeat lends ‘One Dance’ an especially unique vibe, serving as a strong opener for the newcomer by highlighting his Pacific versatility. Two minutes in length and coupled with the fact that it sounds muffled, as if submerged in water–no doubt a conscious decision on the engineers part–the song plays more like an interlude; a really long interlude.

Exclusive to Lucid Lemons, Listen to One Dance by Deoba


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