Olawumi’s “Took Too Long”

Olawumi’s “Took Too Long”

Following a lengthy hiatus from music, New Jersey’s own Olawumi returns with newfound focus and “Took Too Long,” the latest release ahead of her impending Moody project.


Photography: @_kyrstallion

Despite the droves of singers attempting to emulate a similar sound, Olawumi sets herself apart with unique vocals and honest songwriting on “Took Too Long.” The dark and brooding effort comes across as deeply personal, allowing fans of Olawumi to feel more connected to the woman behind the music.

“The song came from a place of me being tired of being tired. I knew my ex and I were still in a weird place where he just had access to me. I wrote the song during one of our fights so that when he tried to peace things up I would have some ammunition for his ass.

Everything we did was so predictable and looking back just overall stupid. Two people who knew they had no business working anything out but doing it anyway and just hating each other even more after each time. It was a wild time.”

olawumi-singer olawumi-singer olawumi-singer

Exuding heavy emotion over woozy, drugged-out, trap-influenced production from MNTRA, the songwriting savant allows her vulnerability to shine on “Took Too Long,” a hypnotic haze that strongly displays her signature sound.

While there’s less than 3-minutes of action, the song leaves listeners wanting more as Olawumi further raises excitement about her forthcoming full-length project, Moody.

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