LL Heritage Month: What Makes A Nigerian?

LL Heritage Month: What Makes A Nigerian?

Hello everyone! It’s October and here at Lucid Lemons, it’s our Black Heritage/ Nigerian Independence month. I remember reading a couple of independence day posts online on  the first of October  and quite a number of people seemed ready to deny Nigeria for a number of a reasons, this got me thinking and questioning. I thought to myself, let’s write a long essay questioning and explaining what makes one of Nigeria but my body decided otherwise and produced this. i hope you like it. Do read and drop comments below!


Is it the confines of borders that approach and stifle from all directions?

Or the simple colors of a flag?

Green promising a failed agricultural system and white, a laugh at peace.

Is it the pledge and anthem mumbled under the breaths of citizens?

The wordings twisted in mockery of her great nation.


What makes her Nigerian?

Is it her bright aso-oke made of adire?

Or The beauty that is her hips which swings with each step.

Is it her fabulously made jollof rice?

The Jollof whose smell is better than the taste of others.

Is it her beautiful ‘virgin’ hair?

Hair that is carefully combed and weaved into perfection.


What makes him Nigerian?

Is it his white agbada that has been starched to the core?

Its pockets stuffed with wads of cash to spray at any event.

Is it his container on the high sea that is ever arriving?

Is it his innate ability to hustle?

No matter his state, his blood chases money.


What makes us Nigerian?

Is it our thick accents and all our letter factors?

Is it the hit songs of ‘Up NEPA!’ and ‘Dress brother?’

Is it un-forgiveness over the past?


What makes me Nigerian?

It is a rich detailed history.

It is the patience that comes with conquering Ikorodu road traffic.

The art coming from its lungs that i breathe.

This connection to this land makes me its child.


Why are you Nigerian?


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